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Cabal Malifaux Campaign

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The Cabal will be running its annual Malifaux campaign season. We will be running it in a slow grow format starting with 35SS/40SS/45SS/50SS with a campaign week every 2 weeks (giving 2 weeks to play your game. Single Faction and single Master. Rare 1 units who die in one week may not be used the next week. Venue at Outer Limits Pretoria on Lynnwood Road (At Java Centre). Schemes and strats to be announced on the first Monday of each campaign fortnight. First week starts 4 June at 18:00.



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CREW SIZE 35SS                                                                                                Theme Bonus +1 SS to Cache

Painting Bonus to Cache: At least 1 partially painted model +1SS


Sandeep vs Lilith- The Necropolis

Seeking ancient wisdoms Sandeep has delve deep into the foundations of Malifaux City. Beneath labyrinthine sewers and hidden caverns, he finds the colossal chambers of the necropolis. Unbeknown to him these cavernous tunnels serve as a mausoleum for the ancient dead of the Neverborn. The beacon of knowledge is not alone in his quest to seek enlightenment through the knowledge of ages path. The Nephilim Lilith and her kin also delve into these historic depths, their motives unknown it is unlikely that they will simply let these interlopers leave after defiling the graves of their ancestors so


·         Ours – Close Deployment


·         Guarded Treasure (Lilith Crew)

·         Hold up their Forces

·         Show of Force

·         Recover Evidence (Sandeep Crew)

·         Public Demonstration


Rasputina vs Mei Feng- The Mountains North of Promise

The Ten Thunder asset of Promise is growing beyond the frontier town it was built as. New caches discovered in the northern mountains bring more potential wealth to the Three Kingdoms and attract prospectors aplenty. Mei Feng seeks to expand the railroad up into the mountains to bring this wealth back through the breach. From their icy fastnesses Rasputina and her followers watch the intruders struggle through the snowy pass. A shrine to their cannibal deity stands watch over the only navigable pass in these peaks, tonight they will feast as they sacrifice to their cannibal god.


·         Supply Wagons -Standard Deployment


·         Show of Force (Mei Feng Crew)

·         Vendetta

·         Dig their Graves

·         Undercover Entourage

·         Inescapable Trap (Rasputina Crew)




Viktorias vs Molly- The Southgate Slums

No one considers the Southgate slums much of an asset, this is why the University of Transmortis has long flourished beneath these dank and dirty streets. Von Schtook, head of the university has been awfully quite of late and has refused all contact with the other Resurrectionists. Molly has taken it upon herself to find out what has happened to the eccentric professor. She does so love his little lessons over the vox. A mysterious client has hired the Viks to extract the Professor from the University and to get rid of any witnesses. Hopefully Molly has brought back up!


·         Extraction- Flank Deployment


·         Surround Them

·         Dig their Graves (Viks)

·         Covert Breakthrough

·         Search the Ruins (Molly)

·         Set Up


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The next round of the campaign will take place at Outer Limits on the 18th of June 2018 from 19:00. Please PM if you would like to join in for the fun.

Size: 40SS

Cache Bonus: Painted Master 1SS     Theme Bonus 1SS


Viktorias vs Mei Feng

The Viks failed to bring their target to their mysterious benefactor which has left him somewhat displeased, and them out of script. They are, however, not the only contractor to disappoint the stranger lately. They can earn their scrip by showing his other employee how displeased he is. The are given merely a location and a name; Promise-Mei Feng. Lucky them.

Sandeep vs Molly.

Having failed to retrieve the artefact from the Necropolis Sandeep must seek the counsel of with the less than savoury Von Schtook. While the man is clearly insane his lengthy but erratic research within Malifaux has unearthed some valid sources of arcana over the years. Sandeep was much surprised to find Molly in the University Transmortis, just as she was surprised to see yet another potential threat to Resurrectionist interests in the dilapidated structures. Inevitably there would be a disagreement

Rasputina vs Lilith

Rasputina picks at bits of stringy rail worker and recovers from the ordeal of chasing off the trespassers to her mountain fastnesses. She is drawn to a distant movement outlined against the setting sun. Bat like wings and a horned head can only mean one thing in these parts... Nekima. The Neverborn were coming. She knows not what they want but she does know they will not be getting far in the snow. Not if she has anything to say about it.

Lady Justice vs Somer Teeth Jones

Business as usual for Lady Justice. When the Bayou gets rowdy, she puts it back in its place. Six-barrel persuasion. Guild style.

Strats and schemes to be released on the day.


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