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  1. Greetings Wyrdfolk, Malifaux will be demoing at ComicCon in Midrand Friday 14 September 2018. Come drop by for some fun we're in the wargaming area. D
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/527327311048130/ Join us for the mayhem of a Henchman Hardcore on 25 August at the Jolly Roger next to Outer Limits Pretoria. 5 rounds of henchman hardcore as per the Wyrd official format. R100 entry ges you in. First round opponents to be called out on the day, dare you accept the challenge? drop a PM or mail totallynotamimicipromise@gmail.com to confirm attendance or for any queries.
  3. When the dust settled Sandeep and Rasputina found themselves at loggerheads over who was really running things. A good ol' game of Henchman Hardcore settled the draw in favour of Sandeep. The resurrectionist forces were close behind with Molly in 3rd and McMourning in 4th place. 5th went to Viktorias, 6th Resser Tar, 7th Lady Justice, Lilith in 8th and Mei Feng bringing up the rear. Henchman game was for the odd player and amusingly all his opponents managed to give him a sound thrashing. Ended the league on a high note with a braai and 7 person game of Enforcer Brawl. Looking forward to more fun in 3e. If you want a bite come and join us at the Cabal on Monday evenings. Outer Limits Pretoria, Java centre.
  4. Hi all, I will be running Malifaux Demos on Friday 10 August at the Ludum Dare Game Jam at Vega School Pretoria. For more info check out the ad below. Hope to see folks there!
  5. Cabal Malifaux Campaign Week 4: CREW SIZE 50SS Theme Bonus +1 SS to Cache Painting Bonus to Cache: At least 10SS of Model (Masters count as 10ss) +1 SS to cache Pairings: Sandeep vs the Viktorias (Malifaux City) Returning to Malifaux City to collect her final pay check the Viktorias are surprised to find Sandeep Desai snooping around the dead drop point. Sandeep seeks answers as to who would turn his Arcanist brethren against each other and what they would benefit from such actions. The Viks care not for the politics but one thing is certain, they aren’t giving up their loot anytime soon. Strategy: · Guard the Stash- Standard Schemes: · Guarded Treasure (Viks) · Set Up · Search the Ruins · Hold Up Their Forces · Recover Evidence (Sandeep) Rasputina vs Tara- Hidden Breach, Ten Peaks Rasputina’s plans temporarily derailed heads back to the mountain strongholds. It is here that she finds the Hidden breach, on the other side her scouts report similar mountainous terrain, perfect foothold for the Cult on Earth! Obliteration hears rumblings through the aether of this, determined to halt any potential gain for December he dispatches Tara to seek a means to close this breach. Strategy: · Ours -Close Deployment Schemes: · Search the Ruins (Tara) · Guarded Treasure (Rasputina) · Recover Evidence · Undercover Entourage · Inescapable Trap Molly vs Lilith- Edge Point, Western Bayou Having recovered the device from Slate Ridge Molly heads to Edge Point where she knows of a reclusive historian who may well know what the device is. Unbeknown to her the individual is in fact Neverborn and has notified his mistress that one of the Ressurectionists has recovered a powerful Tyrant artefact. Not stupid enough to take the artefact directly to the historian Molly has merely brought some photos, Lilith will have to extract the information of where Molly has hidden the item. Strategy: · Ply for Information- Corner Deployment Schemes: · Surround Them (Lilith) · Covert Breakthrough · Inescapable Trap · Public Demonstration · Vendetta (Molly) McMourning vs Somer Teeth- Northern Badlands Having just lost their treasure to Tara the Bayou Boss head into the Badlands in search of more Outcasts on whom to take out his anger. Preferably ones less likely to put up a fight and more prone to paying their problems away. Or with a sizeable still. McMourning is in the meanwhile lying low after his recent escape from Lady Justice. When Gremlins come a knocking in his little lie low he can’t take the risk of their actions attracting the eyes of the Guild. Strategy: · Symbols of Authority-Corner Schemes: · Punish the Weak (McMourning) · Dig their Graves · Recover Evidence · Show of Force (Somer) · Hold up their Forces Lady Justice vs Mei Feng- Malifaux City Heavily injured after her attempt to flush out McMourning from the ressurectionist hordes Lady Justice Limps back into the city. Mei Feng, similarly bedraggled and exhausted just wishes to return to the Qi and Gong for some rest with what little of her goods she has salvaged. No rest for the wicked though, a warrant has reached the Lady which speaks of recent troubles along the northern frontier. Mei Feng is wanted for questioning by the Governor’s secretary. Strategy: · Supply Wagons- Corner Deployment Schemes: · Guarded Treasure (Mei Feng) · Take Prisoner (Lady Justice) · Show of Force · Take one for the Team · Covert Breakthrough
  6. Cabal Malifaux Campaign Week 3: CREW SIZE 45SS Theme Bonus +1 SS to Cache Painting Bonus to Cache: At least 1 model previously unpainted now painted +1 SS to cache Pairings: Sandeep vs Mei Feng- Northern Hills Strategy: · Symbols of Authority-Corner Schemes: · Punish the Weak · Covert Breakthrough · Search the Ruins · Undercover Entourage (Mei Feng) · Take Prisoner (Sandeep) Things have not been going well for Mei Feng. First her work in the mountains was stopped by Rasputina, then the Viktorias arrived with some contract on her life. She heads back to the city to consult her masters and discover the identity of her original employer. Sandeep heads northwards to seek solitude for his teachings in the northern mountains, perhaps intending to establish a Gurdwara here away from Guild interference. In the hills between Malifaux city and promise he encounters one he previously thought to be an ally in the Arcanist ranks. Something is amiss though, she is haggard and looks as if she has not slept in days. At the appearance of the Guru and his disciples Mei’s rail workers became defensive immediately, the last few days had been harsh. They would escape quickly rather than risk another betrayal. Rasputina vs Molly- Slate Ridge Von Schtook handed Molly a badly bound and ink stained parcel shortly after she escorted him from the university to safer lodgings. Most of it was insane rambling and indecipherable scribbles. As she paged through it one repeated image drew her attention. An eclectic mix of steam-work and biology, an anatomical drawing of a sphere with several arterial growths, drawn from different angles on different pages. No mention of its purpose or use but several references to Slate Ridge. When a folded and faded map fell from the scrap collection of pages Molly could not help being intrigued. There might be a story in these mad ramblings after all. Strategy: · Guard the Stash -Standard Deployment Schemes: · Search the Ruins (Molly) · Guarded Treasure (Rasputina) · Recover Evidence · Undercover Entourage · Inescapable Trap Viktorias vs Lilith- Badlands Showdown Having redeemed herself in the eyes of her benefactor the Viks are pleased to find a wire transfer for a large amount of scrip wired to their holdings awaiting them at their basecamp. Another envelope awaits them in their lodgings, its neat spidery handwriting reveals to them another “offer”, complete with a substantial price tag, should they be willing to go after the individuals who derailed the original Ten Peaks expedition. While the Viktorias consider this offer panicked cries break out around the shanty towns as miners run for their lives. From the shadows come devilish creatures, Nephilim, rumours had been that they were in the area. The creatures seem single minded in their assault on the town, headed straight toward the Viks’ accommodation in the tavern. This seems personal Strategy: · Head-hunter -Close Deployment Schemes: · Eliminate the Leadership (Lilith) · Take One for the Team · Covert Breakthrough · Hold up their Forces · Show of Force (Viktorias) McMourning vs Lady Justice- The Quarantine Zone Lady Justice has long found something off about Douglas McMourning. His hours, strange stints of absenteeism, odour. Not to mention the missing cadavers. Recently a well-liked and respected Guild clerk passed on during a cholera outbreak. Strange now that he has been seen roaming the streets of the Quarantine Zone when he should be tagged in the Guild morgue. She follows these reports to the heart of the quarantine zone when suddenly the living dead are all around her posse and they must fight for their lives. She is sure she can hear the familiar and annoying voice of the coroner somewhere here, if she catches him she will finally be able to excise him as the cancer he is. Strategy: · Public Executions- Flank Deployment Schemes: · Eliminate the Leadership · Dig their Graves · Recover Evidence (Justice) · Show of Force · Undercover Entourage (McMourning) Somer Teeth Jones vs Tara- Northern Bayou Fleeing Malifaux City Tara and her crew stash aboard the train to Edge Point. Shortly before it pulls into the town they make a break for the shelter of the Bayou, to regroup and refocus themselves. Somer Teeth Jones was just getting into the “lost” baggage his boys had liberated from those nice folks out on the wagon trail when some humans came a stomping into his bayou! No ways they were taking their rightfully earned loot. Tara must think quickly if they are to escape, gremlins may be small and greedy by if they feel like a scrap they can be downright dangerous. Strategy: · Supply Wagons- Standard Deployment Schemes: · Guarded Treasure (Somer) · Take Prisoner · Show of Force · Take one for the Team (Tara) · Dig their Graves
  7. Horemheb

    ICON 2018

    Rules: • 50ss fixed faction • Gaining Grounds 2018 • 2 hours per round Details: • 1st July at Emperors Palace • R50 entry fee • Registration starts at 09h00 • First round starts at 10h00 Rounds: • Round 1 Symbols of Authority with Standard Deployment o Punish the Weak o Dig Their Graves o Show of Force o Take One for the Team o Public Demonstration • Round 2 Ply for Information with Corner Deployment o Surround Them o Covert Breakthrough o Vendetta o Hold Up Their Forces o Recover Evidence • Round 3 Public Executions with Flank Deployment o Eliminate the Leadership o Set Up o Search the Ruins o Undercover Entourage o Take Prisoner Contact the TO at flabdox@gmail.com if you require more information.
  8. The next round of the campaign will take place at Outer Limits on the 18th of June 2018 from 19:00. Please PM if you would like to join in for the fun. Size: 40SS Cache Bonus: Painted Master 1SS Theme Bonus 1SS Pairings: Viktorias vs Mei Feng The Viks failed to bring their target to their mysterious benefactor which has left him somewhat displeased, and them out of script. They are, however, not the only contractor to disappoint the stranger lately. They can earn their scrip by showing his other employee how displeased he is. The are given merely a location and a name; Promise-Mei Feng. Lucky them. Sandeep vs Molly. Having failed to retrieve the artefact from the Necropolis Sandeep must seek the counsel of with the less than savoury Von Schtook. While the man is clearly insane his lengthy but erratic research within Malifaux has unearthed some valid sources of arcana over the years. Sandeep was much surprised to find Molly in the University Transmortis, just as she was surprised to see yet another potential threat to Resurrectionist interests in the dilapidated structures. Inevitably there would be a disagreement Rasputina vs Lilith Rasputina picks at bits of stringy rail worker and recovers from the ordeal of chasing off the trespassers to her mountain fastnesses. She is drawn to a distant movement outlined against the setting sun. Bat like wings and a horned head can only mean one thing in these parts... Nekima. The Neverborn were coming. She knows not what they want but she does know they will not be getting far in the snow. Not if she has anything to say about it. Lady Justice vs Somer Teeth Jones Business as usual for Lady Justice. When the Bayou gets rowdy, she puts it back in its place. Six-barrel persuasion. Guild style. Strats and schemes to be released on the day.
  9. CREW SIZE 35SS Theme Bonus +1 SS to Cache Painting Bonus to Cache: At least 1 partially painted model +1SS Pairings: Sandeep vs Lilith- The Necropolis Seeking ancient wisdoms Sandeep has delve deep into the foundations of Malifaux City. Beneath labyrinthine sewers and hidden caverns, he finds the colossal chambers of the necropolis. Unbeknown to him these cavernous tunnels serve as a mausoleum for the ancient dead of the Neverborn. The beacon of knowledge is not alone in his quest to seek enlightenment through the knowledge of ages path. The Nephilim Lilith and her kin also delve into these historic depths, their motives unknown it is unlikely that they will simply let these interlopers leave after defiling the graves of their ancestors so Strategy: · Ours – Close Deployment Schemes: · Guarded Treasure (Lilith Crew) · Hold up their Forces · Show of Force · Recover Evidence (Sandeep Crew) · Public Demonstration Rasputina vs Mei Feng- The Mountains North of Promise The Ten Thunder asset of Promise is growing beyond the frontier town it was built as. New caches discovered in the northern mountains bring more potential wealth to the Three Kingdoms and attract prospectors aplenty. Mei Feng seeks to expand the railroad up into the mountains to bring this wealth back through the breach. From their icy fastnesses Rasputina and her followers watch the intruders struggle through the snowy pass. A shrine to their cannibal deity stands watch over the only navigable pass in these peaks, tonight they will feast as they sacrifice to their cannibal god. Strategy: · Supply Wagons -Standard Deployment Schemes: · Show of Force (Mei Feng Crew) · Vendetta · Dig their Graves · Undercover Entourage · Inescapable Trap (Rasputina Crew) Viktorias vs Molly- The Southgate Slums No one considers the Southgate slums much of an asset, this is why the University of Transmortis has long flourished beneath these dank and dirty streets. Von Schtook, head of the university has been awfully quite of late and has refused all contact with the other Resurrectionists. Molly has taken it upon herself to find out what has happened to the eccentric professor. She does so love his little lessons over the vox. A mysterious client has hired the Viks to extract the Professor from the University and to get rid of any witnesses. Hopefully Molly has brought back up! Strategy: · Extraction- Flank Deployment Schemes: · Surround Them · Dig their Graves (Viks) · Covert Breakthrough · Search the Ruins (Molly) · Set Up
  10. The Cabal will be running its annual Malifaux campaign season. We will be running it in a slow grow format starting with 35SS/40SS/45SS/50SS with a campaign week every 2 weeks (giving 2 weeks to play your game. Single Faction and single Master. Rare 1 units who die in one week may not be used the next week. Venue at Outer Limits Pretoria on Lynnwood Road (At Java Centre). Schemes and strats to be announced on the first Monday of each campaign fortnight. First week starts 4 June at 18:00. Duane
  11. Horemheb

    ICON 2018

    Hey all, Icon is just around the corner and Malifaux will be played on the Sunday 1 July 2018. Run by 3+ Wargames club. Format to follow soon.
  12. Horemheb

    KillCon 2018

    First Cabal run Malifaux tournament hosted by our friendly local bar, The Jolly Roger. 3 rounds of single faction 50ss wyrdness. Prize support by Pandemonium Games. As the bar is kind enough to host they ask that no food and drink from outside be brought in. They have a wonderful menu and some delicious craft beers. Registration from 9am. Game start at 10am sharp. 2 hours per round. Round 1: 10am-12pm Deployment: Standard Strategy: Public Executions Schemes: Inescapable Trap, Set Up, Recover Evidence, Vendetta, Eliminate the Leadership Round 2: 1pm-3pm Deployment: Corner Strategy: Symbols of Authority Schemes: Punish the Weak, Take One For The Team, Undercover Entourage, Set-up, Public Demonstration Round 3: 3:30pm - 5:30pm Deployment: Close Strategy: Ours Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Search The Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Inescapable Trap Prizes: 6pm Entry R100 Space limited so book your spot by emailing me havengads@gmail.co https://www.facebook.com/events/1789030361391107/?ti=cl Registration at 09:30 for 10am. #gregpaintsomething Malifaux KillCon 4 March attendance thus far: Confirmed: Zenadia Groenewald Patrick Gordon Graeme Oertel Erasmus Burger David Jansen Joppie Jansen Brandon Krugel Tiaan de Bruin Stefan de Bruin Jacques Swanevelder Bertus Swanevelder Gregory Walker Quintin Hoare Maybe: Hein Buitendag Ryan Young Chris Isaac Wlter Pruter Gregg Barlow If you aren't on the list and want to play PM me or email havengads@gmail.com
  13. Hey folks, I'll be running a monthly demo session at Outer Limits, Lynnwood Road, Pretoria. The first sessions were quite successful and we hope to see the community grow quite a bit. The next demo date will be announced soon. If you want a demo into the Wyrd world of Malifaux contact me at havengads@gmail.com. Drop the phrase Malifaux Demo in the title and we can arrange the time and date. Venue will be Outer Limits or Battle Wizards preferably but I can also travel through to ThreePlus or Warzone Jeppe.
  14. Hi folks, Those who play at The Cabal or Warbanner, Pretoria will be aware we have gone from next to no players in Pretoria to a healthy regular group. Every faction has at least one representative. Both the Cabal and Warbanner gaming clubs have regular games at Outer Limits (Lynnwood) and Battle Wizards (Dooringkloof) respectively and if you're not in the loop feel free to contact me so that we can get you playing some games! Planned events include a monthly campaign game (campaign running over the next year) and a tournament February/March 2018and possibly even a tournament at KillCon (The Cabals annual event) Till next time
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