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  1. Defstrike

    Need help with Lucius nb

    I'll definitely do a battle report once I get a game in thanks for the input!
  2. Defstrike

    Need help with Lucius nb

    I like the way that sounds lol so I think I'll buy tanned and graves in a few days and run them. I think the list will be Lucius -secret assets -surprise loyalty mr tannen mr graves 2x lawyers 1x insidious madness it should work in a scheme bases game, i can always play lab dreamer in more close combat heavy games. Let me know what you think of this list
  3. Defstrike

    Need help with Lucius nb

    True I guess that is an expensive lure lol what do you think about tanned-graves combo? I know Lucius is mainly for scheme heavy games but I would like a little damage when necessary. Just can't figure out next model to buy
  4. Defstrike

    Need help with Lucius nb

    Thank you I most definitely missed it well I had a list for 35SS planned but I was worried about it. What do you think about this: lucius -secret asset -surprisingly loyal Mr .graves Doppelganger or beckoner 2x lawyers 1x insidious madness i see that ranged might be an issue but graves and the doppelganger could be good in combat. Or if I go beckoned she's there to set up kills for graves. And issue command could help with more ap in combat as well. Insidious madness for just scheme running. His movement and incorporeal is obnoxious. I wish I could go up in points but the majority of people I play with stay around there for now.
  5. Defstrike

    Need help with Lucius nb

    Hey there! So I recently got back into malifaux after years (pre m2e) and I picked up Lucius because I loved the flavor and lore. I am having trouble trying to make a NB list cause I'm not a huge guild fan. So far I have the new box set and I'm not sure where to go from there. I've played two games with him and won them but I felt like the list wasn't right or didn't fit exactly right. Since I'm also playing the dreamer I used some of those models to make the list but I would like to hear what other players are using or have seen. I am also on a tight budget my list was 35SS lucius -surprisingly loyal -secret asset 1x scribe 2x stitched together 2x lawyers 1x insidious madness it worked okay, I did win but I don't want to use nightmares PLEASE someone help