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  1. War game vault cards

    got my cards, they are the exact same WRONG cards.......sigh.
  2. War game vault cards

    Found it there updated today. Thanks for the replies.
  3. War game vault cards

    Actually. Did reach out, heard back on the 16 th of January and then nothing. Glad other folks did better then I but my posts may serve as a warning to others. I am still,out my money and still don't have the products I ordered in good faith.
  4. War game vault cards

    Yeah, I've seen all that, TY for the replies though. What I am wondering is when it will actually be made right? Aaron?
  5. 28 days, zero resolution what's up?
  6. Wargame Vault cards

    Ordered the following Jan. 3 scion of the void the scribe cojo malifaux child lucius collette du bois all wrong w/o updates
  7. Summoning Ikiryo

    The characteristics rules for rare I believe. That and the fact he didn't expect Ikiryo in hans' face turn 1. Other then that I am baffled.
  8. Summoning Ikiryo

    Gang please help. AFriend, who is giving me a migraine at this point, is emphatic that Ikiryo can only be summoned once per game because rare 1. I maintain that means 1 Ikiryo on the table at a time and she can be resummoned by malevolence after being killed and/ or sacrificed. he dismisses the wiki, the posts on the forums all talking about how Ikiryo plays, how do I show him he is mistaken and the entire rest of the community plays the way I maintain, one at a time but multiple summons per game if malevolence is met. Thanks in advance.