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A Halloween Breach

Dan Brown

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Halloween is always a terrible time in malifaux for most people, the moon is a sickly green colour, things that go bump in the night seem to be extra bumpy and all manor of undead and neverborn monstrosities roam the streets and yet the guild do nothing about it muttering about lack of funding to deal with the threat, so they sit up in the enclave while the hard working people of malifaux have to fend for themselves. 

and even worse this year, the old Asylum has come to life, what is lurking it its halls, has its mysterious medical director who has been missing since a experiment went wrong finally been found?


a much more casual event to round out the year with unranked, non GG event featuring seasonal strats and schemes, a judged painting competition much more swag, hopefully the New Effigys as Best in faction prizes and list of optional objectives including henchmen lead crews, all in keyword and all versatile crews. more details to follow 



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