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  1. Von Schill Help

    Thank you all for the words of advice. I read all of them and with your help, I made the decision to Drop Hanna and Specialist for Bishop (Oathkeeper) and Trapper. Planning on Bishop to be the scheme runner in the beginning and then join up with Suit and Johan. Anymore words of advise would be great. Thank again all!!
  2. Von Schill Help

    Hi all, need some help real quick. I'm about to face an opponent who will be playing Shenlong (other members of his crew: unsure) for the first time and I'm wondering if this is the list I should put on the table. Any advice / tactics will be greatly appreciated. Von Schill (The shirt come off + Survivalist + Engage at will) Steam Trunk Hannah (Ancient Tomes) Strongarm Suit (Oath keeper) Specialist Librarian Johan 1SS left in the pool. I'm pretty sure he'll bring Sensi Yu and a Peasant with him. Thanks everyone!!