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  1. Respect for the Art: The current wording would not allow the Stalker to target a model that has already activated but then been given the Reactivate condition. Wondering how much of a disadvantage that is... still processing.
  2. One also has to consider that right now he's got a threat range of 17". With fast that either increases up to 22" with two swings or stays at 17" with three swings (two shoulder-chipped swings)! That's sounds like an Assassin to me! Start him with Scout the Field or Oath-keeper and I can think of a few crew masters that will be nervous of him on turn 1... Psychological games that interrupt those carefully choreographed turn 1 plans are fun!
  3. So given 'Polite and well mannered' gives him protection pre-activation, I think he also needs to be able to react appropriately (violently?) once he activates. That could be a Df trigger letting him hit back/push, or a counter-attack. "Don't come after me" thematically suggests that the target with Mood-Swing should also be dissuaded or even forbidden from attacking/charging him. He's used 1AP and a WP duel to pull it off. Maybe this then needs to be looked at from the target's perspective, if they win the duel then they benefit - perhaps he can't use his Df trigger mentioned above or they get a push (towards stalker?)? Other un-activated models nearby are free to treat him as they like (even with his suggested Df trigger). A bit more risk/reward in that mix. Involve some scheme markers and he becomes very interesting.
  4. How? With the FAQ'd Rats getting "Hamelin's Pets" that only happens in crews led by a Nihilist (which Benny ain't) i.e. Hamelin?
  5. Spend Soulstone to Make Soulstone. - Lets him be an anchor for an effective 5ss (and qualifies for any other >=6ss rules). - Lets your crew start with 8ss ! Have I missed anything else it does?
  6. I think 'Respect for the art' needs to be worded better, every time I read it it seems to change meaning... "Respect for the Art: This model cannot target enemy models that have already Activated this Turn with non-disengaging strike Attack Actions." For a start does it mean "This model cannot target with non-disengaging strike Attack Actions enemy models that have already Activated this Turn" OR "This model cannot target enemy models able to perform non-disengaging strike Attack Actions that have already Activated this Turn" Of course that assumes everyone understands what a 'non-disengaging strike Attack Action' is? Maybe it'll make sense in the morning...
  7. How many times do you end up being out-activated? A model like this in an outcast crew other than Hamelin would be very helpful on that front if it had a way of spawning rats apart from receiving damage. A named upgrade card (1ss) letting Benny do that when NOT in a Hamelin crew would be an approach, the card may also let rats spawn without the full non-Hamelin constraints.
  8. Thanks! No sooner said than... ;-)
  9. I understand there's a lot going on, but the "Upcoming Releases" page is looking very odd finishing as it does with last month's releases already in the stores... When can we expect an update?