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Malifaux rat and red joker.

David Blank

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I believe you get 0+1 damage, and then 3 blighted: damage doesn't say the red joker stacks effects, just damage. Applying blighted refers to +1 blighted (with no qualifiers except the necessary hit), with a modifier if you've gotten moderate or severe- it doesn't state +1 for weak, +2 for moderate, +3 for severe. If it were the latter, I might argue that it were 4, but the red joker still only explicitly stacks damage.

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Well the card reads dmg code is 0/0/1.  But then after that it states


"Increase the value of Blighted to +2 if Moderate damage is flipped or cheated and +3 if Severe is flipped or cheated."


That is were I get the 4.  So I am kinda confused which is why I am asking as I am in a tourney tomorrow and I like to go to a tournament and not cause headaches for my Henchwomen. 

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You're looking at 2 conditional statements:


condition 1: is the model hit? If yes, it gets blighted

condition 2: does the model suffer moderate/severe? If yes, increase the blighted number appropriately.


When the red joker is flipped, the model is both hit and suffers severe damage, therefore it would apply both conditional statements once. Red Jokers don't hit models with two separate instances or you'd apply armor to each.


Again, red joker only refers to adding up the total damage suffered, not stacking the effects paired with said damage.

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