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So- What if C. Hoffman had a kid?


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Let's say Hoffman hires the malifaux child.


Here why- I really want to be able to loop on multiple fronts. I was hoping there'd be a way to do so through a watcher, or a mechanical attendant- something. But at this point I can't see one besides letting the malifaux child aspire to mechanical greatness with the "Just Like You" ability.


Just like you reads, "Cast one of this Crew's Leader's Ca Action with an AP cost of 1. Cast suffers -3 pos twist to the cast, -twist to the damage. Presumably that means casting 3, target number 14, 11up to successfully cast.


I love to run a metal gamin and loop him in which puts Hoffman at casting 8. And if he's got 2 constructs around him that puts him at a ca10. Do I get to factor either of those in when using "Just Like You"? For instance, if I'm operating optimally, and the loops are already in place on Hoff's side of the board, does the child come in at Ca7, meaning a 7 up to succeed? Or is he still at Ca3? Also- if I catch the trigger, do I get to try and cast again? Child can't be in the loop himself, so we'll never see his heal get any better... >.> But if he can reliably cast redirect power or update hardware, that would be pretty sweet.


I would say my gut is telling me that that is not the case, and that i'll need 11 ups to make that work, and it will therefor be less than super useful for me, and I'll probably shy away, but I figured I'd ask.



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