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What Master to what Strategies?

David Blank

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I am assuming you are talking about Outcast only, right?


I will preface it all by saying that I don't play Jack Daw (yet).  Also, many of my choices are also Scheme Pool dependant as well.  Finally, I will consider what my opponent Declares, but it is my last consideration.


Finally, as a Disclaimer, in descending order of experience I play:  Viks, Levi, VS, Tara, Hamelin then Misaki.  I state this because comfort levels may show tendencies. 


Turf War: Leveticus or Von Schill.  If the Pool is killy or requires rapid movement, Levi.  If it requires toughness then VS.


Reconniter: VIks.  I play minion/(cheap)Enforcer heavy,  shooty Viks.  Couple that with the Sisters advancing into enemy quarters, in numbers, it's worked out well in the past for me.


Reckoning: Leveticus(with no summoning) or the Viks(plus heavy hitters)


Squatter's Rights: Hamelin - between Lures and Obeys plus high model count plus Rat Catchers/Crooligans you can do a lot of Centerline control


Stake a Claim:  Tara.  Or Tara.  But probably Tara for it... she's that good at it.


This all said, I could easily see Misaki being strong in Reconniter or Squatter's Rights with Schemes like Assassinate or Make Them Suffer.  Likewise, Delivery a Message makes Hamelin a very strong choice in some instances, like Turf War.


But, there are very few instances where I wouldn't take a Master in any given game if I felt inclined.  Hamelin in Reckoning probably isn't that pretty and I've seen the Viks struggle with Turf War against hard crews that feature a few Heavy Hitters, Viks just don't want to stand in against that, they want to hit and run.

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I quite Like Von Schill in Squatters Rights, its more him and his more thematic force are quite mobile in there own right and when standing on the center can bring the weapon to bear on teh advancing enemy. 


However part of that is also really Von Schill in Turf war, He is a master than when fighting over a defined space has a set of abilities and rules that help him and his crew dominate in defined take and hold areas. 

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