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Love this game! (and damn Rusty's mean)


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Played another game of PWU last night (finally) and man Rusty Alice's attack is brutal.  I lost 2 models and nearly lost Pokey Vik to her due to Disassemble.  Especially cause my opponent took Seamus and so had me locked into not Dodging on any of my exhausted puppets.


Also, once again I have to just gush about how much I love PWU!  :wub:


I played the original game a handful of times and had a blast but I didn't own my own copy until PWU was released and I picked it up.  The times I've played it since have been so fun and have really amazed me with how tight and well designed the rules are, especially in this new edition.  They're robust enough with the various puppets that I love the strategy and complexity present and never get bored with the game.  Yet they're also simple enough that I can get my wife and other "non-gamer" people to play it with me and have a fun time too.  Kudos to Wyrd and the play-testers who made this great.


Now all I need is for Wyrd to release the new expansion with the new/updated puppets that we're still waiting on.  I need to be able to play 4 players and I really want to be able to paint puppet Colette and Pandora!  Crossing my fingers for a GenCon release this year.  :D

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Thank you for your support and interest for the game! 

I am very glad to read your enjoyment with PWU. It was one of the first projects I was allowed the chance to work on under Wyrd. I had a blast re-working the system and mechanics with Justin and Redd, and fell in love with the multitude of combinations provided by the 'Upgrade System'. Of course it would not have been possible to do any of this without a solid core game to work off of. 

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I just wanted to chime in, a bit late to the party, and echo Jonasty's sentiment. The first day I had it assembled and we attempted to play, my family liked it so much we ended up playing it several times. Initially they were wary that it looked a bit complicated but it's really not and flows very well once you get going. Thanks for making such a great game! (FWIW, Bete is mean too :)

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Played an epic 3 player game last night that lasted 3hrs. 1 new player on the board. Rusty got short shrift thought when after killing a punk zombie with her dissamble ability was eviscerated by Bete Noir who animated onto the workbench that the PZ had been sitting on. A crow, skill test and joker later and Rusty was toast. Attaching Rusty's tattered skirt to Bete led to some serious bloodletting. A puppet that can come in on a workbench, throw (place) a puppet for a rip and then slip back under the bed before being hit is a nasty beastie. Holding both other players off I finished Lady Justice off with Bette (using the Funky smell ability to avoid the bad attitude that LJ had attached).


However I got a bit impatient at the end and in moving Seamus in to take care of a Convict Gunslinger ended up on the wrong side of a puppet Roulette and lost the game :)


Great game- so looking forward to an expansion release to round out the armies. Particularly Pokey who's special ability is a bit limited with the small number of "no suit" puppets (who are also good picks for the other masters) 

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