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Themed markers


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Seen some really good ones made from bases with what I assume was green stuff, sculpted into a 2D pig.


Personally, I would go with something like thin plasticard, painted or drawn on. I like my markers as flat as possible to make it easier for models to stand on them if need be

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Another idea which is cheap and simple was brought up in a thread not that long ago but I can't find it now. You basically cut out the faction symbols from your M2E boxes. They should be almost exactly 30mm across. 




These are the ones I'm refering to. I know the Gremlins boxes aren't out yet but I checked when the post went up and they could be great for cheap, quick and easy markers. 


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I got some of the wooden/laser-etched Gremlin Faction Scheme Markers (as well as Corpse, Scrap, Soulstone, and Blast Markers) made by Advanced Deployment (http://store.advanceddeployment.com/ - currently down for maintenance it appears).


The tokens picture a pretty nice looking boar's head on both sides.  I like'm and though AD's quality is top-notch, they have a very consistent reputation in taking FOREVER to complete orders.  So, be forewarned.

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As far as advanced deployment is concerned be very leary on ordering from her. Do some investigating online about what people are saying ie Facebook. I'm still waiting for an resolution on a missing order from Oct. I've sent emails & msgs & have never gotten a reply.

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