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H: WM / Hordes W: Malifaux


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I have some spare WM / Hordes stuff I'm not using and probably won't enough to warrant keeping it.  Looking to try out Malifaux.  I would much prefer Gremlins.  Maybe Neverborn.  Open to other factions if deal is good enough. I'm new here but have good feedback on other trade sites (BT).


For WM I have:

Cryx: (have all cards)


pLich (classic)

Deathripper (x2)




Khador: (no cards)


pVlad (classic)

pIrusk (classic)





CoC (you'll have to trade well for these): (have all cards except I can't find Aurora's)


Aurora (assembled & pinned) and primed black

Clockwork Angels (2 new blisters) 

Steelsoul Keg Protector (brand new in blister - GenCon exclusive)



For Hordes I have:




Tharn Ravager Whitemane

Woldwrath (gargantuan) - bought it fully painted but paint got chipped during shipping and it needs to be touched up.  Also was missing most of the little log ends on the body. I have brand new ones to replace the missing ones but they need to be primed, painted and glued on. Includes base and cards.



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