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A New Outcast Crew - The Freak Show!

Dr. Porkenstein

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So I was inspired by another post this morning to work on a home brew Crew. I am going to start working on miniatures for this. Just wanted to get some constructive opinions. What do you think?


The Von Braum Freak Show


Heinrich Von Braum, The Barker – Master, Living, Mimic


Professor Leopold Von Braum, The Snake Oil Salesman – Henchman, Living, Mimic


Bruno The Elephant Man – Living Enforcer, rare 1


Flying Monkey – Peon, Living, Beast, Totem



Sammy, The Wolf Boy – Living, beast, rare 1



Big Birtha, The Fat Lady – Living, minion, rare 1


The Illustrated Man – Living, minion, rare 1


Abdul The Fire Breather – Living, minion, rare 1 



Scapini Brother, Knife Juggler, rare 4


The Bat Thing – Living, Beast, Minion


Roustabout – Living, Minion

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I'm not sure if you were around when we threw around some ideas for a Circus crew in M1E, but they were based on Mr Magpie's Cemetery Circus (from early episodes of The Aethervox) and sound pretty similar to some of these.


I don't know if the old forums are still available at all, so it's probably tricky to find them, but if you need any help with ideas or mechanics, let me know. :)

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The Freak Show will be dual faction outcast and Neverborn. Here is the master. Please give constrictive crit. This is the first time creating a master so be nice but honest. lol



Heinrich Von Braum, The Barker

Master, Living, Mimic

The Freak Show


DF 4    WP 8  WD 10   WK 5   CG 8  HT 2



The Barkers Call: Crews led by this model may hire up to 3 models with the beast and/or Nephilim characteristic that are not in this crew’s faction.


Step Right Up: After a friendly Freak Show model end its activation within 6 inches of this model, this model may activate immediately as a chain activation.


Enthrall Rhetoric: If this model has not yet activated this turn, when an enemy model targets this model with an attack action, the enemy model must pass a TN 13 WP duel or the action immediately fails.


The Show Must Go On! :  After a friendly Freak Show model has died all Freak Show models within 6 inches of this model gain Hard to Wound +1 for the rest of the turn.


Attack Actions

(1)   Bull Whip (MI 6 Ram / Rst: Def / Rg: ((( 3) Target suffers 1/2/2 damage and gains the slow condition

                        (Ram, Mask)  Back!:  After damaging, push target 3” away from this model in any direction.

             (Ram, Ram) Come!: After damaging, move the target into base contact with this model. 


(1)   Stage Pistol (Sh 5 Ram/ Rst: Df / Rg: 12) Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. This attack action’s flip gains +1.

             (Ram) Critical Strike: When damaging the target, this attack deals +1 damage for each ram in the final duel total.


Tactical Actions


       (0)One of Us!: Once per game, target friendly model within 6” gains the Freak Show  

            characteristic for the rest of the game.


        (1)Feeding Time!: (Ca 6, mask / Tn:13 / Rg:6): Summon a Flying Monkey within 1” of target

             corpse marker, then remove corpse marker.

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