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Yan Lo V Lady J (50SS) Turf War


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Got in my first use of the official Yan Lo last night, here's the run down...

Yan Lo - Cashe 4
*Foritfy Spirit
Soul Porter
*Pull of the Graves
*Command of the Graves
2x Ashigaru


Plant Explosives and Bodyguard (Toshiryo)

My opponent...

Lady J - Cashe 4

*Justice Unleashed
Scales of Justice

The Judge
* Flames of the Pit

3x Death Marshal


2x Guild Riflemen


Planet Explosives and A Line In The Sand.

The table was Flank Deployment and was covered with a large number of HT1 and HT2 crates (Blocking, hard cover). We like to jokingly refer to it as our Motor Pool.


Turn one everyone mostly piles towards the center. I had Chiaki drop a scheme marker right at the back to try and throw my opponent off of my schemes (Power Ritual and Breakthrough were the other options). Soul Porter pushed Izamu and Toshiryo forward, giving them the extra headway to get close enough  to the Turf marker. Toshiyro drops a scheme marker as close to the Turf Marker as possible. Yan Lo tossed a card for Chi and attached Ash Ascendant. I promptly forget about Terracotta Curse for the rest of the game. The Ashigaru moved up and stayed near Toshiryo, one able to get close enough to use Brace to threaten the area. My opponent moves a little more reserved than I do, and takes a few pot shots at Izamo and Toshiryo, resulting in 1 damage to each of them. Score 0-0

Turn 2 sees a lot of violence start. Yin engages Lady J, one of the Riflemen and The Judge. Izamu meets the Death Marshals and Toshiryo takes a nasty shot in the frickin' face. Chiaki plays catch up with the group and tries to get the healing trigger on Toshiryo. She fails (for the entire game, every time I tried I had to go for the flip and never once got the Tome when I wanted it). The Exorcist puts a small hole in Izamu and the Guild Rifleman shows the Death Marshals what guns are for on an Ashigaru, dropping it to 1 health. The Only-Mostly-Dead Ashigaru moves up and drops the last scheme marker I need to max out the VPs for Plant Explosives. Score 4-1

Turn 3 opens with Izamu being my solution to everything, as he starts to cut through Death Marshals like a chainsaw. Yan Lo is close enough to absorb some serious Chi. (I honestly hit the point where I wasn't even tracking it two turns later. I had Ash and Bone attached and was at the +3 Ca with a ton to spare. I never bothered with Spirit or Trancedance). Lady J Black Jokers her Horror Duel against Yin and shuts down, and the Guild Rifleman tries to walk away from her, getting stabbed in the heart with some entrails (don't picture that, you won't sleep well) The Judge tried and failed to kill Yin, thanks to her Mass of Vicera and his terrible luck. The last surviving Death Mashal takes a Yan Lo to the face, dropping enough scheme markers for him to trigger HIS Plant Explosives. Score 5-5


Turn 4 sees Yin cut down by Lady J (She served me well enough, may she rest in pieces) and The Judge tries to take Toshiryo out. The Soul Porter pushes Toshiyro away, and he double moves even further. Yan Lo Instills Youth to make sure Toshiryo doesn't expire. Other stuff happens. Pretty sure this is when Chiaki got killed, but it's hard to remember as she didn't do much of anything. Ashigaru died, Riflemen died. I reveal Bodyguard and start collecting points. 7- 6


Turn 5. Lady J gets taken out by Iszamu (who at this point has killed most of my enemy's crew) The Judge tries to run the scheme markers he needs but can't. Toshiryo kept running away in the most glorious way he could after being healed back to full health with another Instill Youth. Score 10-7.

Turn 6 happened, but it could just as easily not have. No one was within  range of each other to do anything.


Game ends 10 - 7 in my favor. Some after action thoughts to come in a little while.

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Really nice battle report, thanks for taking the time to post it.


Did you declare Resurrectionists or Ten Thunders as your faction?  Not that it affected your crew build but I wonder if it affected the Guild list if they were expecting one or the other.


I think the choice of Bodyguard target in a crew with all the Ancestors is very interesting as they all have some kind of defensive ability.  I've liked having it on Chiaki [in games against people outside my regular gaming group, who presumably know what to expect] as she's not likely to be in the thick of the action but I think a case could be made for any of them.


What are your thoughts on Fortify Spirit and Pull of the Graves?  I never seem to get much use out of them.

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I was declaired as Ressers, but as you pointed out it wouldn't have had any impact here. My intent had been to tack Unnverving Aura on either or both Yin and Izamu to let my opponent fight his own instincts and either take damage stay or take damage leaving (or wasting AP against Izamu).

Frankly I messed up with Toshiryo. I never should have declaired him the Bodyguard and realized by turn two it should have been Chiaki. I got no real use out of her the entire time due to focusing more on the rest of the battle. She would have been a better choice. I would have liked to have been more agressive with him and his tag-along Ashigaru.


Fortify Spirit was a marvelous upgrade. The mere chance of jumping to Df 8 impacted my opponent's choice making (funy enough, the few attacks est Yan Lo's way did not flip/cheat tomes). I can't see myself not taking it when I field him. I will have the Chi to max it out.

Pull of the Graves however, was a wasted stone. Again, I failed to use Chiaki in any real capacity. I wanted to really try to push her and get to use Pull of the Graves, but each turn she ended up being a low activation priority. Next time I plan on trying her out and making sure she's one of the first activations I have that turn. Again, this was totally my fault, not anything to do with the models rules. First time fielding Yan Lo's official crew.

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Actually I did take pics for my own amusement, but to explain something...we're currently deployed, so for a gaming table we tore apart an old wall locker, laid the back across several tough boxes and I created bases out of index cards. Our terrain is made from plastic sheets that had been cut into square bases (We also were playing Firestorm Armada). While I do have a few models on hand, they are still entirely on sprues as I bought them on sale and sent them here...for reasons my brain will never explain.



Never underestimate a geeks ability to make stuff happen.

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