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Iron Quill The Hunt  

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the slight delay. Thanks all to everyone who's been writing and reading, you've done great work as always!


This poll is open to everyone. Please vote! We've got some great stories to share, and the writers have done some great work. Please comment as well, we all love to hear from readers! The winner will be announced March 31st, 2014.

Please PM to me your weighted votes. You have three votes to hand out. Your top pick will get three votes, second will get two votes, third will get 1. Don't forget to submit a vote here in the poll. This is a total of four votes that authors can hand out! Please note, you cannot vote for yourself with a weighted vote! (As a note, if for some reason you can't PM me your votes, put a post in here and I'll arrange an alternative route for you)


Now, on to the stories!


ScrewedUpDice- The Glorious Dead

The Grue- Do Not Ask, Lest Ye Be Answered

Brewmaster- The A.E.O.N Society

E.T.A. Hoffman- Vena's Violin

Hateful Darkblack- A Letter Home

StormlordXIII- Incendium

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