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Malifaux demo and one day tournament at Lincon in Linköping, Sweden!


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Hey guys!

Lincon, the biggest con of Sweden (if not, it was up until recently) is approaching.

I, newly appointed henchman, want to use this event to arrange my first official event!

So during the Saturday of the con (31st of May) there will be (part of a room probably) booked for a Malifaux event including a tournament and a side of demo games run by me.

Details about the tournament will follow. Best venue for info is probably the Facebook group Malifaux Sverige.

I will be there from 9 am and the tournament will start somewhere around 10 am. There will most likely be prizes for winners...!

Hopefully there will be enough space for drop-in friendly games as well.

Så, Lincon börjar närma sig!

Många har nog redan hört det via facebookgruppen men jag tänkte arra en turnering och demo games under Linconlördagen (31/5). Jag är där från 9, turneringen drar igång någon timme senare.

Detaljer om turneringen kommer senare. Håll ett öga på facebookgruppen! Kom gärna med tips idéer, så blir dagen så bra som möjligt!

Get psyched!

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