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Sonnia Criid backstory discrepancy


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I'm setting up for a Through the Breach campaign with some of my friends. I was reading through both the Fated and Fatemaster's Almanacs to get a grasp on the game. i was reading up on the Witch Hunters and I got confused by some statements that seemed to contradict one another. 


       "Once led by the famed Witch Hunter Sonnia Criid, the fearsome Ms. Criid has since disappeared, leaving veteran Witch Hunter Samael Hopkins in charge of the Task Force. " 

Fated Almanac pg 52 (my preview counts the cover page as page1 so technically 51) 


       "I would like to take this opportunity to note two notable missing members. Sonnia Criid and Samuel Hopkins. These two are the most prominent members of the Witch Hunters, the Guild’s own personal inquisition against sorcerers. 

                               Fatemaster's Almanac pg 77 


maybe Im just over thinking it, but my concern is it says that Sonnia Criid is missing and Samael is in charge whereas in the latter quote, it says they are both missing. Am I missing something from her backstory? I'm not too familiar with it.


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Well, Sonnia left Sam in charge before attempting to kil/seal herself in order to stop Cherufe. Samuel followed after and removed the sword from her body, unleashing Cherufe.~M1E book 3


He and the Ortegas later placed the mask on her, and sealed Cherufe within, along with some of her powers. It is entirely possible that she is not in charge at this time due to her need to deal with the demon within, which shall consume the world if she allows it free.~M@E book 1.

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Basically, It depends upon which point in time the quote was written in.


TimeLine(Approximate, from memory)


1)The red star appears

2)Sonnia dissapears, leaving Sam in charge, begins studying, and then even Sam loses tack of her.

3)Sam tracks her down, unleashes Cherufe accidentally

4)Sonnia begins to rampage under the influence of Cherufe

5)Sam and the Ortegas place the mask on her, giving her some control over the tyrant

6)Chronicles 10


So, best guess is that the bit in the Fated book refers to a time around points 2-3, whereas the Fatemaster book refers to a time around points 3-4.

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