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Lynch's Ace in the Hole, maxing abilities

cool hand nuke

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In the spirit of using models' abilities to their full potential, consider lynch and AitH. Other than having extra cards in hand for discard effects like Defensive, AitH kind of requires you to take Final Debt, at least, to maximize what AitH does for you. Otherwise it is an ability that just has a lot of text taking up space on Lynch's card. Aces being the lowest value card aren't helping with much else, other than cheating suits situationally. We always want to maximize the abilities that the models we hire in our crews bring to the table. In Lynch's case, it seems that not taking Final Debt goes against this concept, regardless of what schemes/strategies are in play. Am i looking at this in the wrong way? I love lynch and Final Debt can be amazing, and it seems that it is almost a, dare i say it, autoinclude upgrade.

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I regularly take Lynch without Final Debt. If I know I want to crush my opponent with 4-5 damage 2-3 times at the end of a turn regularly or I'm just feeling sadistic at the time then yeah I'll roll out with Final Debt but to be honest I don't consider it auto include, don't get me wrong though, it is very good and those extra cards really do help. The problem with it I find is that you often have to ensure there is an enemy model with brilliance within his range and at the end f a turn I often find myself havng to use Lynch to put that Brilliance out. This doesn't always go your way and you find yourself wondering what the hell to do. 


Personally I only consider Rising Sun to be the only Auto-Include with Lynch. I don't like the thought of not being able to bring Huggy back. Expert Cheater is always a good laugh and adds a lot of fun to the game, especially when you throw down an Ace you don't need and your opponent wastes some high cards (It really tests your poker face!). I also really like having the Squeal trigger in case Lynch gets jumped by some big nasty looking to tear him to pieces. 


Another Ace in the Hole does have it's uses mind, I like having it when I'm running Terror Tots with Lynch so I can guarantee Sprint giving me 10" of movement. The Aces are also useful if you want to ditch one to get a specific trigger for his gun. I think the only upgrade I've never bothered with is 52 Card Pickup (I think it's called). Don't know why, it seems fairly interesting but I'm usually taking Lynch with either of the following combo's


Rising Sun, Expert Cheater + Addict

Rising Sun, Expert Cheater + Final Debt

Rising Sun, Final Debt + Addict


These tend to work out better for me than other combo's of upgrades I've tried and they suit my play style depending on the objectives available. 

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If I'm using Final Debt and I activate Lynch Last having those aces can be quite useful. Draw +2 cards from Final Debt, Mulligan your Aces and you can start to prepare a good hand for the following turn. Not always going to work out but you have a good chance of getting some nice cards to hang onto. That or you just hang onto the Aces and discard them at the end of the turn so they aren't going to come up for that turn. Either way it's a nice way to get some use out of them besides discarding for triggers or Terror Tot sprintathons. 

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wastrels also combo well with this ability, gaining any suit they want at no card disadvantage.  Anything with flurry or rapid fire is also an obvious pick.


For those prepared to forgo Huggy, the Kamatatchi can drop burning 4 out on a target with lynch at no card disadvantage either - pretty nasty.

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