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Lilith vs. McMourning (50SS) - A Taste of His Own Medicine


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Lilith vs. McMourning 50Ss Battle Report


(Although every attempt to recreate the battle accurately has been made, the exact sequence of events within the turn may have been slightly altered to fit the more descriptive form of the narrative. Any infringement on rules or numbers of actions performed by models is likely to be due to this.)


This is REALLY long. Apologies for the waffle.


Close Deployment

Strategy: Reckoning






2 Nurses

3 Canine Remains

2 Belles

Flesh Construct

Zombie Chihuahua






Mature Nephilim

2 Young Nephilim

3 Terror Tots




The close deployment meant that the initial placement of models was important as there was very little room for manoeuvre before the factions clashed, there was going to be first-turn carnage and everyone needed to be in the right place for it. As ‘left’ and ‘right’ are relative concepts based upon which side of the board you’re on fixed point will be given as cardinal directions during the report, with the Ressers deploying on the West edge of the field and Neverborn on the East (So the North edge would be Resser’s left flank but the Neverborn’s right)


The site of the clash was the outskirts of an old monastery, overgrown and ruined with vine covered walls and piles of debris making it tough going for those with no wings and easily turned ankles. The remaining corner of the building dominated the South edge of the area, with hills and trees to the North, with old half-destroyed walls and broken machinery in the centre.


McMourning’s crew were placed relatively spread out, with a dog and a nurse on the North flank with another team comprising of a Belle, Fleshie and another dog just to their right. The Good Doctor held the centre with Sebastian and a Nurse, and a Belle and the final Canine Remains on the South edge, covering the doorways of the ruined monastery.


The Neverborn were more centrally placed, the three Terror Tots positioned slightly on the flanks but the other Nephs and the Mother of Monsters staying more central to punch forwards. The Mature Nephilim dominated the skyline from the Resser’s side of the table and would clearly be a key factor in area control.


Turn 1 started with the Nurse on the left attempting to load up the dog with poison but failing, but faithful Fidon’t (Like Fido, but dead) still scampered up on the North edge. The Terror Tot on that flank took umbrage at this intrusion onto Neverborn territory and swung around to stop him. They clashed and the sharp blades of the Tot’s gloves chopped through the dog’s zombified hide and made him roll over, jump and sit at the same time, in three different directions. At this point the Vendetta between the Tot and the Canine remains is announced, gaining the first 3 VP of the game.


The Belle in the South moved up with her dog and again the Terror Tots moved around to counter. Hooker & Hound hold back by the doorway to the Monastery to avoid the same fate as their canine compatriot, watched by a Young Nephilim, who with a flutter of leathery wings lands on a ledge inside the ruined monastery tower.


At this point the centre becomes all go. The Cherub and Mature Nephs come charging straight down the centre, although Lilith holds back a little, she’s obviously planning something. The Cherub gets off a shot at the Resser line but falls short of the mark. McMourning moves forwards, pushing Sebastian slightly ahead of him whilst the Chihuahua yips and throws itself forwards at the wall of Nephs, McMourning managing to poison the Cherub with a lucky couple of Rancid Transplants and a little help from the Chihuahua’s poisonous slobber. Then Lilith strikes – she mumbles a spell and black vines covered in viscous slime burst from the ground and hold a Nurse, the Flesh Construct and the dog waiting patiently at his heel firmly, leaving only the Belle to tentatively move forwards across a hill, using a low wall for cover, as Barbaros is in sight moving around to the North.


The Chihuahua tries to bite the Young Nephilim but fails to make much of an impression, while Sebastian holds back the Mature with his buzz saw, ending the turn at Ressers 0, Neverborn 3.


Things get messy fast in Turn 2 – McMourning moves up and manages to get one of his foul syringes into the Cherub, which quickly expires when he expunges him, using some of his Resser genius to summon forth a Flesh Construct which quickly gets involved in the ruckus against the Nephilim. The Young Neph pummels the Zombie Chihuahua into the dirt while Sebastian elects to get out of the way quickly, leaping away as the claws of the Mature Nephilim tear through his leather apron and narrowly avoid leaving his insides on the outside. On the South flank, The Terror Tots sprint across the cracked flagstones inside the monastery and burst through the door, surprising the team waiting there and doing what Tots do, to the Canine Remains idly licking the gaping hole where his groin used to be. The Rotten Belle on the other side of the doorway leaps forwards with a snarl and engages the Tot, but does little damage. Little does she see the second of the Tots, watching from just inside the doorway and sharpening his blades with gleeful anticipation.


Sebastian, recovered from his unpleasant experience at the claws of the Mature Neph, uses his dark alchemical abilities to raise another Canine Remains from the tattered scraps of the Chihuahua on the floor (after a quick rules check to make sure that peons drop corpse markers – how on earth can he make a Bulldog from the remains of a Chihuahua? Presumably he had some extra bits in his apron pocket!) and that then immediately throws itself at the pair of Nephilim still baying for blood.


Lilith again casts her Wicked Vines, still holding poor Fleshie fast, but the undead Doberman bounds free and sprints across the battlefield towards the other side, just out of the range of Barbaros’s mighty blade Macuahuitl which he instead gleefully uses to dismember the Rotten Belle creeping down the hill in front of the rooted Flesh Construct. The Nurse up on the far Northern flank realises that she has nobody to treat and instead starts off in search of victory points, bolting for the Neverborn deployment line. The Terror Tot that had recently dispatched of the dog up there scuttles back his Mother’s embrace, staying close to Lilith to watch the fun at the base of the tower, as does the Young Nephilim on the monastery, moving along the ledge to look down on the central corridor’s carnage with an eye to an airborne assault.


This concluded the second turn, and the Chihuahua and Belle biting the dust earn another VP for Lilith, leaving it Ressers 0, Neverborn 4.


Turn 3 is where it starts to really fall apart for Dr McMourning and his Undead Crufts. Lilith starts the ball rolling by wrapping poor Fleshie up in Vines for a third turn, and he stands forlornly in his deployment position, the occasional grunt his only input to the Resurrectionists machinations. However, at least he has an excuse. The second Belle, falling at the hands of the Terror Tots at the monastery doorway has no such get out; she just fell foul to the fickle cards of Fate and got torn to shreds by the Tots’ weapons. Filthy Totses.


Talking of Tots, the third Tot, skulking around at Lilith’s heels, smells the pungent aroma of ether in the air and spots the Nurse sneaking along a wall perilously close to the Neverborn’s deployment areas. He sneaks towards her just as she appears to be placing something on the ground – some kind of magical spying device?


Barbaros gets involved in the Neverborn’s control of the centre with an eldritch howl, challenging anyone nearby to fight him, before setting off back towards the sneaky Nurse. This results in McMourning being distracted and failing miserably to hold back the claws of the furious Nephilim. Ignoring the repeated attacks from pretty much everyone else around him the Mature Nephilim starts a flurry of attacks upon McMourning, who resiliently held on despite taking grave damage, until a gap in his defence allowed the hulking Nephilim to grab his feet with one hand and his head with the other, lifted him high in the air and tore him in two, with a spray of intestines. The Nurse watching the fight was struck motionless by the sheer horror of losing her Master, and was unable to regain her senses quickly enough to respond, and one of the Terror Tots, still dripping with embalming fluid from shredding the Belle by the monastery, was able to sneak up and engage her in battle.


The Mature Nephilim must have got McMourning’s blood in his eyes, because he doesn’t spot that the Flesh Construct is right behind him and gets in a few good whacks with his meathook. The Neph makes a noble attempt to escape up onto the tower but is unable to disengage and the huge beast falls to the Construct’s attacks.


The Young Nephilim makes short work of the resurrected Canine, which goes down with honour, having got several good chunks out of the Mature Neph. Sebastian is able to avoid the paralysis of the loss of his master and begins to drum together another Canine Remains from the remains of the Nephilim, while the second Young Nephilim joins his twin in beginning to turn attention to the Flesh Construct that took down their big brother. It leaps down from the tower and lands behind him, getting a good amount of damage in.


This concluded Turn 3, and despite taking down the big fella, the Ressers still fail to score, whilst the Neverborn take another VP for killing the monastery Belle AND Dr McMourning. 0 – 5 and it’s beginning to look pretty… GRAVE for the Ressers. (puts on sunglasses YYYEEAAAAHHHH!!!)


So what can happen in Turn 4 to bring the situation back under control for Sebastian, quickly promoted to leader of the ragtaggle bunch of dogs, nurses and shredded corpses that is the Resser crew at this point? Well the first thing would be if the Flesh Construct that has remained motionless for the whole game so far could get some severe mauling in? Nope. Hit by the vines again, he just elects to sit down and chew some grass. Barbaros screams another challenge, oblivious to the fact that at this point there are very few Ressers left to hear him. However, he catches up with the Nurse, also paralysed by Lilith’s vines, and leers threateningly at her whilst the Terror Tot makes several swipes at her, probably cutting through her uniform so that she ends up in her bra and knickers, ‘Carry On Nurse’-style.


Unable to deal with complex concepts like being attacked from two directions at once the summoned Fleshie takes a huge amount of damage from the two Neph’s claws and his stitches pop, his brain falls out and he ends up just a big pile of steaming meat on the ground.


Sebastian has a forlorn look around at the carnage, and starts scraping together bits of Doctor and Dogs to try and rustle up some troops, but fails to find enough legs and so can do nothing more but look on as the Terror Tots both attack his nurse. The first one gets a swipe in but she is able to bound backwards, only slightly wounded. The Remains constructed of Nephilim parts makes a bolt for the Neverborn territory, but gets quickly taken down by the two Young Nephs, at a loss for anything to do now that the Fleshie has been taken down.


Turn 4 draws to an end, and it’s going from bad to worse for the Ressers. No kills for them but a Fleshie and a Canine remains to add to the Neverborn pot makes it 0 – 6.


At the top of Turn 5 the Nurse that was supporting Sebastian decided she’s had enough and runs straight at Lilith, who prevents her from getting too close by snarling her up in her Wicked Vines, which is the final nail in the coffin for the nurse, who sadly expires. So what of the Flesh Construct, sadly rooted to the ground by vines for the game so far? What heroic actions can he pull out of his hat at this late stage to claw back a majestic victory for the Resurrectionists? Sod all, as Lilith manages to hold him fast again, because she’s just that much of a bitch. Sebastian has a forlorn look around at the carnage, and starts scraping together bits of Doctors and Nurses to try and rustle up some troops. He succeeds in his endeavours and the dogs spring into action. The first makes a bolt for Neverborn territory whilst the second one leaps up, straining at his stitches and jumping straight at Lilith, sick of her picking on that poor Flesh Construct that has now taken a Gameboy out of his pocket and is on level 12 of Tetris.


The Nurse that was on a secret mission round the back is quickly overwhelmed when Barbaros gets bored of waiting and chops her down with a swing of Macuahuitl. The Terror Tot watching this then crushes the device she dropped with his tiny cloven hoof, rendering her sacrifice pointless and empty.


Pretty much deserted by all of his minions now, Sebastian can only look on desperately as the two Terror Tots and a Young Nephilim close on him. The fickle hand of fate declares that this is the final turn of the game, and with this the final death throes of the Resser’s attempt at victory. The failure to get anything down near the Neverborn’s deployment zone gained the Ressers no VP for their Breakthrough scheme. The dog leaping at Lilith gained the Ressers 2 VP for Take Prisoner, denied a third by the presence of a Young Nephilim. Meanwhile, Sebastian was suffering a similar fate at the hands of the Tots, although the lack of any support made it 3 VP for the Neverborn’s second Scheme, which when added to their 1 VP for more deaths this turn make it a thorough victory of 2 – 10 to the Neverborn, and a humiliating defeat for the Resurrectionists.


Looking back over the game, I think that the main failing on the Resurrectionists side was the poor positioning at the start. Keeping the Nurses too far away from the main action meant that their buffing abilities were underutilised, and the dogs were going down far too easily, giving the Neverborn free VP every turn. Lack of good poison cohesion also caused a problem, with the main poison bomb being the Flesh Construct which didn’t move all game due to the Neverborn’s clever use of Lilith for support and restriction. The Neverborn were able to control the centre of the board due to the Mature Neph and Lilith being at opposite ends of quite a narrow terrain corridor which was just churning up all who entered, with Barbaros close by to catch the stragglers. Far from being the frequently mentioned ‘glass cannons’ of 1.5, the Neverborn, in particular Lilith’s brood, appear to be shaping up to be quite the meat grinder.

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Thanks for writing this up mate. I love your story style narrative, especially the bit about Mc"Moaning" being ripped in half.....


I must admit that deployment seemed to be key and it was something I hadn't planned at all. The fact that the target of vendetta deployed directly opposite was pure luck!

And the strategy played into my hands having to kill 2 of your models each turn, with a killy crew like mine, and summoning of poor slow dogs by your ressers, made it hard for you to get out of that pickle pickle.


I was surprised however with how good Lilith seemed to be as a support master, she didn't actually move all game after turn one and I can defo see how if played right she could be a real handful if she stays back and casts. I hate flesh constructs, especially loaded with poison 5 so was pleased I could tie him up for the whole game.


But I defo think the luck of everything was on my side in this matchup and the result has no reflection on either mine or your ability at the game! I have no idea still what I am doing being only our 2nd proper game! I look forward to our next game and I am sure things will certainly be a little different!

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