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Need a 35 point list


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Never played the gremlins before and have only done Malifaux demo's for the most part.  In a week and a half I will be in the Adepticon team tourny where I just plan to push minies around a table and laugh a lot.  That being said I have had ZERO time to do and prep work and will only be able to get a single game in this week.  SO I TURN TO YOU BRAVE FORUM GOERS


I need a 35 pt fun list to play for schnits and giggles at the tourny.  Ophilia is my Master of choice for this go (as my counterpart plays Perdita and my little lady is dressed to match).


Lastly, I have a War Pig and would also like to use him, though I can convert a rail golem into a whiskey golem no sweat.  I do not have a Lenny, he seems to have taken off on vacation.


Alright peeps, what can we make happen here?

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If you've got proxies (and they're allowed), take Sammy and Trixiebelle, they're still kin so go well with Ophelia and imo are more useful and more fun than Pere, Rami or Raphael. Also (again needing a proxy) Mancaha Rocha could be fun when you're deep into your cups

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I like my Gremlin Horde, this is 50 point list though:

Som'er - Family Tree

Burt Jebsen - Dirty Cheater

10 Bayou Gremlins

2 Slop Haulers


in most cases, with this list, I always out activate the opponent, and I can heal the gremlins that I wound from Git yer bro, a few gremlins is nothing, but a ton is overwhelming.

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Kin are some of the best models.

Franc is a god.

Raph w/ Dirty Cheater is immortal.

Take Merris...seriously just take her w/Team Work, you'll thank me one day.

Burt alone is strong, with Gracie and they are titanic.

Raph, Franc, Merris, and Rami/Burt all told w/o upgrades is 27ss; add in a few totems/upgrades and Ophelia's cache; you're good to go

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