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Neverborn vs Ressers


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Hello fellow Neverborns,


I'm just starting the game and I was wondering how Neverborn as a faction dealt with heavy summoning Ressers builds.

Because it seems to me that we've got a more elite faction, it seems easy to get spammed by the Ressers. Moreover, they are difficult to kill in one attack so I find it difficult to win the piece trade.


I recently met Nicodem with my Lilith and it felt very uncomfortable (although not unwinnable) being outnumbered so heavily by mindless zombies (Muahaha) and Ressers of higher levels. I tried having rapid growth inside my crew but didn't really have the chance to use it.


How do you mitigate the summoning factor when you build your crew ?

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There are few ways to deal with this behaviour.  Mixing up the following tips as and when is probably the best policy, and be looking for which is optimal in any given game or situation in a game is on you.


1) kill stuff.


We can actually do this very well.  Many of our models can do a whopping amount of damage, even on -ve flips.  Let's look at a potential Lynch crew for example:




Mature Nephilim

2 illuminated


2 terror tots


with triggers and brilliance, look at the min damage:


Lynch: 4

Huggy: 4

Mature Neph: 4

illuminated: 4

dopplegangeer: 4 with mimic

tots: 1 -  but hey, whatever.


who cares about hard to wound under those circumstances?


lots of summoned stuff comes in wounded already - this makes it go away.


2) take stuff out the game without killing it.


paralysation, rooted, nullify, etc.  Neverborn has plenty of tricks for simply making opponent's models pointless - making use of them is an acceptable alternative to killing things.  Area effect damage (black blood for example) are also good at this.


3) ignore it.


unless you need to deal with something so that you can get your 10 points, or stop them getting theirs, then stick to the plan and simply ignore stuff.

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Thanks a lot for the advice.


For point 1, I understand we are a hard hitting faction (although mainly in melee as far as my games have been going). However, the main issue I have currently is the hard to kill ability (when one model can't be reduced to 0 Wd by one single attack). If the Resser can tangle up a high value piece of mine then one activation gets wasted getting rid of the spamming thing.

And this can be done over and over with the corpse markers left after the combat. Isn't there any way to remove the corpse markers?


For point 2, I need to practice more. I have found the illusionnary forest really useful until now but I need some practice on the other blocking stuff. I'll also get my hand on some of the swampfiends when they are available in plastic.


For point 3, Ok understood. Terror tots are already sprinting with scheme markers in hand :P.

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One option is to bring your own summoner who can make use of the corpse counters. I believe the widow weaver can do this. You also get models like the Friekorps Specialist that can remove corpse counters, but it's not a very common ability unless you need them for something yourself.


There is of course also the option of bringing models that doesn't leave corpse counters if they die. Only living and undead models generate corpse counters, so if you can find models that are neither that will limit the number too. Sacrifice effects work towards this too.


And don't forget things like putting pressure on the summoner, if they are busy defending themselves they might not have the cards to summon anything important at all. 

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