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Malifaux at Leviathan, Sunday 13th April.

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Gday, I am proud to announce that Malifaux will be run at this years Leviathan Weekend at Quakers Hill High School, Western Sydney.

While Leviathan runs across the entire weekend, I will be running Malifaux only on Sunday 13th April.


Tournament Details.

Crew Composition:

Fixed Faction with Two Masters only. No Crew Pools necessary. All games are 50ss games led by either one of your chosen Master’s.



-          Round 1 Turf War with Flank Deployment

-          Round 2 Squatters Rights with Standard Deployment

-          Round 3 Reckoning with Close Deployment

-          Round 4 Reconoiter with Corner Deployment


Scheme Pools will be flipped by the TO on the day for each round.

All rounds have 100mins. There will be a lunch break between 2nd and 3rd rounds.



Round 1 starts at 9.00am, so please arrive at 8.45am at the latest. The day should be finalised by 5pm.



Winner’s will be determined by TP/DIFF/VP.



$20 pp, which must be paid before the 7th April.


Prizes: There will be a Prize for 1st place and additional prizes TBD by Player turnout.


Leviathan Details.

Location is described in detail here- http://leviathan.westernsuburbsgamesociety.com/


Entry Forms are found here- http://leviathan.westernsuburbsgamesociety.com/entryform.html

Note that there is an online form to be submitted found at the bottom of the page linked above.





I'd be stoked to see a high turnout, and I'm happy to answer  any questions posted below, I hope to see you all for a great day of Malifaux games.


Cheers, Tim.

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Unfortunately as of today we only have 2 players who have signed up for this event, so I regret to announce that I will be cancelling it for this year. I was not previously aware of the Leviathan weekend until shortly before I created this event, so next year there will be a lot more notice given, which I believe might have been the biggest factor in players not being able to come.

Regards, Timothy.

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