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Custom Sculpted Tokens


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Hey guys I'm going to start sculpting some fun tokens to use in Malifaux and give out to friends.  Any recommendations on ones that are common and would be cool and popular to use?  I'll show you guys progress as I do them.  I haven't played 2E but am excited to play again.  Any help and suggestions would be awesome.  Thanks.

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The obvious ones that comes to mind are Corpse and Scrap Counters, however if like me I don't tend to use them in both crews in play don't have any interactions with Corpse/Scrap Counters we don't place them. I've just finished my own Corpse Counters because I've started playing Ressers recently and they are relevant now.


You could also do Soul Stone tokens, everybody needs them and some custom SS markers would be nice! There was a thread on what people use not that long ago which could be worth a look at. Some people use Poker Chips, Garden Crystals and even Jelly Beans!

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