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Arkion's plog (Neverborn, etc)


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Hey forums.


Do people really read intros? I'm guilty of skipping those in favor of the pics. Such as:




Barbaros from the Mother of Monsters boxed set.


If you'd like an introduction:


* I've been painting minis for about 5 years.

* I started painting with oils in 2003. I didn't take acrylics seriously until 2009, which is when I started painting minis.

* I paint to game. I like seeing a table full of tiny works of art.


That said, I'm really hoping to improve. I've never entered a painting competition, and that's the next place I really want to go. There are some amazing painters on this forum, and I'm very open to critique, so please please please hit me with constructive criticism. 

(And yes, the mould line on his armor is killing me inside).


Thanks for looking, and thanks in advance for your comments!



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Haha! Yeah, the mould line there is a bit glaring, but it's okay. For a competition, the judges would immediately move on, but for play, he's totally fine.  :)


That being said, I love the muted tones you have! I'd love to see more angles of the model, because there seems to be some very interesting colors happening on the underside of those wings. Some softer lighting for the model (and a lighter background) might help bring out more detail in the photo, too.


Yikes... this sounds like I am ripping this image apart...! Sorry! It is truly an EXCELLENT model, honest! I guess I'm being picky because I want to see MORE of it!!  :D  I am like you, in that I love seeing a tabletop filled with tiny works of art, and your Barbaros definitely fits that bill!

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Photography is something I struggle with. My cousin helped me out with Barbaros, but I typically just use a camera phone and a cardboard box or piece of felt. Another area in which I need to improve.






A couple more angles.


The loincloth uses red, yellow, white, and blue in various degrees - so, a ton of detail, which is a little odd when you consider I didn't see the mould line until after I'd started painting. 


When I paint on a canvas, I like to leave artifacts - graphite lines or layers of paint showing slightly underneath. It's a different emphasis on minis, where the goal is to create a perfect illusion. I'm still learning technique; I've got a ways to go, I think, before I really come up with my own style.

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