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Mr. Lynch needs new playmates.


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So...im looking to expand on my Lynch crew, possibly with some "fun" additions :)

So far i have the following:

  • Mr. Lynch
  • Huggy
  • Mr. Graves
  • Mr. Tannen
  • 3xIlluminated
  • 2xBeckoners
  • 3xDepleted (have not used these much yet)
  • 2xStitched together
  • 3xTerror Tots

On top of that, ofc. a lot of mercenaries, amongst which Hans have seen the most play time.

I allready have the dobbeltganger on my "to buy" list, but i am also looking for some fun additions, possibly in the scheme running/manipulation category.


Do any of you smart people out there have any good ideas?


best regards



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Black Blood Shaman can give models like Huggy and the Illuminated black blood and the later can regen the wound back when it activates.  It's a trick i plan to try out next time i use him.  Another is an idea i borrowed from someone else's post which is the Doppelgänger copying Coppelius attack to give itself plucked eyeball and +1 Df.


I picked up a box of Depleted today actually, going to run near the Doppelgänger with the useless duplications upgrade and force randomisation on her.

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Seems to me a silurid/beckoner slingshot would make for some fairly ridiculous objective grabbing shennanigans.  If you're headed towards nephilim, though, terror tots would do just fine in the same role, and would synergize with other nephilim better.  In theory...

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I'm quite curious to see what options are given 


I've being playing Lynch since I started Malifaux last year and have got familiar with my play style and fancy mixing it up a bit now.


Tend to run 

  • Lynch 
  • Huggy 
  • 3 Illumianted 
  • 2 Beckoners

Then I have depleted to drop in when the soulstones allow it 

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