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Tara Crew question


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Hrm, sad. I missed the chance to grab the Nightmare guys and I really like how Tara's model is. Hopefully they wont change too much. Other than the Nothing Beast, which I'm not 100% in love with.

I missed out as well, but posted on these forums if anyone was willing to sell. I got a full set for a high but reasonable price, so if you're willing to pay more than you eventually will have to pay for the regular edition you can get the crew. 


I was not willing to wait until 2015 for the release and I have not regretted in a single moment.


On the Nothing Beast - he has proven a match-winner for me several times. He hits hard and has an incredible engagement reach - 50mm with 3" is actually quite a lot when you see the bubble on the table. Yes he is vulnerable early in the rounds, but you keep him buried or out of reach. He is highly mobile because of his Incorporal. An if he gets hit - bury him and use a Void Wretch to heal him.

In one of my games yesterday - against Kaeris, my opponent was not please when the NB (down to 2 wounds and with+3 Burning on him) was buried and a Void Wretch healed him and removed the Burning condition.

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I've found the best way to work with the NB is to bury him early, re-activate, launch him onto somebodies face, kill them or at least cripple them, re-bury, rinse and repeat. He can be a tough nut to crack, specially when he gains the Voided Condition. People have to think about hitting him in case he comes back to hit you in the junk and with a 2/5/7 Ca (Obliterate) attack he's no slouch! 

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Oh no, I wasn't saying I think the NB isn't effective, I meant I didn't love his model all that much. The actual rules behind him seem very solid.

I still have to get the current plastic lines when I get home, so I'll have enough to work on for now while I update my stuff and decide if I'll be selling off some of the metals or not (probably not, but maybe). I can wait for a Tara box if I have to. I just loved how her model came out and was hoping the final release will be similar for her.

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