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Lilith Vs Nicodem 50SS (very short Batrep)


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This is my first Batrep and it was actually just meant as a comment about Bad Juju, but ended up a bit longer, so I thought I would just post it here aswell :)


Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap
Lilith -- 4 Pool
 +Beckon Malifaux [1]
 +Living Blade [2]
 +Fear Given form [1]
Cherub [3]
Bad Juju [8]
 +Eternal Fiend [2]
 +Fears Given Form [1]
McTavish [11]
 +Hexed Among You [1]
Silurid [7]
Waldgeist [6]
Waldgeist [6]
Vs a Nicodem crew with Dead Rider, 2 Belles, 2Dogs and a few other models I cant remember :/
I used Lilith Tangle Shadows in combination with a forward deployed Silurid with Hexed Among you, and got my Bad Juju in the middle of the enemy in round one. He was not able to attack, as he used both his AP on walk, but I had 3 of his main models in melee range and could use his 0 that hit all the models, giving them slow and 2dmg. To my big surprise he was able to tank very efficiently, and although he had no living models so his terrifying did not do much, it was still a pain for my opponent to activate beside him with Fears Given Form- if they also had to make horror duels it would have been even more nasty.
I won the initiative and killed his Dead Rider with flurry, used his 0 again that hit the last two models yet again.
I had meanwhile gotten Lilith in melee range with his master Nicodem, and although I could not kill him with his wall of undead and minions that gave him 2+ armor etc. I ended up locking down almost his entire team with just Bad Juju and Lilith. He then killed both Lilith and Bad Juju in turn 4, but at this point I had also killed half his team, and used all the other models to freely place scheme markers. The match ended 7-3 to me.
Quick thoughts:
Cherub was more or less useless.
Bad Juju is both able to tank and give a lot of damage, and his 0 is surprisingly useful.
Silurids are really amazing at placing scheme markers, and leaping out of engagement. This was my first match with them, but they seem really worth every SS.
I need to try this list a bit more, but so far I am extremely pleased with this crew, and I am loving Bad Juju more and more ^^
I am still not sure if this crew would work even better with Zoraida instead on Lilith, but I am going to try more or less the same list with Zoraida another time.
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With armor +2 and regen +2 together with hard to wound, you need a dedicated beat-stick to kill him though :)


Where was he getting Armor from?


I think Bad Juju definitely has excellent survivability for his cost, and is generally great if he isn't up against elite enemies. Against dedicated damage dealers, he tends to drop quickly unless you have a ton of SS to burn. But he is a very cost-efficient model, and Eternal Fiend definitely makes him a great Lilith-bomb option to drop in the enemy turn 1 and force them to deal with him.

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