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Malifaux Overload from Surrey, UK


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So I've been stalking the forums for quite awhile, thought it was time to get involved.

I have got back into Malifaux for a couple of months now. Before my break (which was for just over a year) I was running a Kirai crew through a lot of 1.5 with great success!

So having started again before wave 2 released I decided to take Nico out for a couple of games and found the update simple yet effective and have bagged 3 wins with him. My only problem was my lack of options for summons, only having Punk zombies, canine remains, Necropunks and mindless zombies. So I have bought the old Mollie box, along with the new Seamus and McMourning boxes and some guild autopsies. Now I seem to have way too much to get glued and painted. As well as Kirai and her stuff still to do, and picking up pandora and Collodi for cheap!

So my plan is to have three resser masters figured out in the next six months so I can get back into the tournament scene. My thoughts were Nico, McMourning and probably Mollie. I think they have some nice overlaps in crew use. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Finally I've noticed Vassal mentioned a lot, I gather its a top down software program but how easy is it to find a good game, I assume there isn't an iPad app for it, anything else I should know about it?



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Hi there,


There are much better qualified players out there to give you advice on playing Rezzers (I don't play them myself) but the few Nico/Rezzer players I've played against tend to use Nurses, Flesh Contructs, Punk zombies, NecroPunks and always, always Rotten Belles...;).


I've not used vassal for Malifaux yet so I can't help you with that. However, we have a club on the border of Surrey and Sussex which might be close enough for you depending on where you are in Surrey. Although we are still trying to properly establish Malifaux at the club (more a problem of my time than any resistance), there are at least 3 of us that play it.


Finally there is a tournament in Woking on April 26th/27th. Check here for details

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