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1st game tomorrow, adepticon in 2 weeks

Donut Assassin

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Hey everyone, I just got my minis (the guild) primed and looking to get my 1st game in tomorrow. Taking a step away from playing warmahordes this year at adepticon, and will be playing malifaux instead, so now I just need to get good enough so I can maybe win one game in the masters, lol. And hopefully I can get a lot of the painting with my airbrush done this weekend.

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So.... I ended up playing for 1st place in the final round of the masters at adepticon. Was 4-0 going in to the 5 the round, and my lack of experience cause me to trigger my oppenents defensive trigger, which allowed him to get deliver the message, after I set up so there wasn't a way for him to get it.... Wow what a weekend. Can't wait to learn the other factions and then play in a big event next time when I have some experience.

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