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Malifaux & PW @ Salute 2014


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We will again be running demo games of Malifaux & Puppet Wars at this year's Salute show, which is at the ExCeL centre in London on Saturday 12th April. I'm also looking at running a small scenario to line up (somehow) with the D-Day theme at the show.

On the Malifaux tables (opposite Simple Miniature Games, and right in front of the entrance) will be Tim (Oshova), Alec (Ratty) and Ben (jondoe).

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Salute went well with maybe half a dozen Malifaux intro games on at any time, plus one or two PW games all day. Thanks to Ben, Ratty, Tim & the MAD Gamers for your help (and for providing crews).


Lots of Wyrd related chat, new players buying crews and putting faces to those on the fourm/facebook.


Did manage to pick up some bases and terrain, including persuading Sarissa to sell me some of their display models at the end of the day as most of their new stuff had sold out.


Needless to say I did bery little on Sunday - not helped by a lack of chairs at the demo table.

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