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Things I do when no one is looking...


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Thanks guys. 


@Viruk, that is Wyrd's metal base insert:




I am not sure how much I like it... :) looking from the front, it seems like he is inside a boat, what would be cool if it was the case. For a shipwreck in the beach, it would be nicer if it was not so symmetric, but my conversion skills are limited, so I just used it as is. :)

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Fantastic work, you have done an amazing job getting very smooth colours on the horse and your cloth work is stunning.


One piece of advice I would say is that you need a bit more contrast on the skin of your models, I know that in reality we don't have that much but you should over-compensate things on miniatures to compensate for their size.


Obviously just my opinion, you have done a cracking job anyway!

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I agree, absolutely. The skin could use a bit more contrast, maybe just on the horse rider's face, though everything else I see is brilliantly done and the highlights are masterfully blended! Very smooth, subtle, and realistic! And I love your color choices, especially on the Wastrels! The denim color on the chains-Wastrel is perfect! I think I was wearing those jeans yesterday...  :P


What colors do you use for denim? I find that to be one of the hardest colors to duplicate well, and you've nailed it, spot on!

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Hi all, thank you for your comments, I really appreciate. 


@Proximocoal contrast is the one thing I still struggle a lot and feel my skill is still very inconsistent. I can paint a model where I really get the contrast right and I am proud of the result (keeping in mind I am no pro/competition painter) and the next model I might feel like it is impossible to get it right. 


Skin in particular has been giving me some trouble because I've been switching my paints from GW to P3 and I find the P3 skin tones too pinky. I literally only learned a few weeks ago that I need to mix green in there to cancel the pink in a natural looking colour. Also, the highlights are not easy to get right, specially on the face, without looking like the miniature is using make-up. 


I will continue practicing.


@monkeyboy for the denim, I find the easiest colours to use are GW shadow grey for the mid tones and space wolf grey for the highlights. On top of that I use slight variations for each model. On one I will shade it towards blue mixing P3 exile blue and/or black, on another I mix a bit of P3 coal black, etc. For highlights sometimes I go towards white, sometimes I just keep it blue-ish/greyish. But just by starting with shadow grey it will already look like denim.

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