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Samurai, what Master works best?


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Hey guys, I am deeply looking forward to the release of samurai, some of their stats are just absolutely awesome, although I am curious who you think the best master would be to take with them?

I love them so much I plan on getting 6 of them overall (even though in a 50 soul stone game that gives me 2 points for upgrades haha)

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Shenlong I'd say is the best master to use them with since it lets them use their extra focused rule with more ease. Yan Lo will also work decently thanks to his heal to compensate for them hurting themselves. McCabe makes everything awesome, though their enforcer status makes them lose out on reactivate.


Also, go over to the avatar beta section of the forums, there you will find pdfs, including one with new upgrades and one of those is dedicated to buffing the samurai.

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Shenlong seems to be the "dragon" the Samurai serve in their background material and Reading the Wind gets the best out of those 0 focus actions. The pushes Shenlong can potentially hand out with Wandering River Style will help their movement a lot too.

I'm very keen to use a high count of samurai also (only 3 though!). I really hope the final version of the generic upgrade in the wave 3 beta raises their competitiveness enough to be viable - especially in groups.

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