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Guild Hounds, Why the push?


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Ok, so I get why McMourning can use his melee attack to push into base contact (when used as a ranged attack from his upgrade). But why do Guild Hounds have a Close 1" attack that allows them to push into base contact? They're at most 1" away when they use it, I don't see the benefit. Is this designed to go with another Guild model I'm missing? I feel like the answer to this is really simple and I'm just missing it. Thanks ya'll.

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...I'm not seeing the attack. The final version of the guild hound says:


(1) Snapping Jaws (Ml 5 / Rst: Df / Rg: y1): Target suffers 1/3/4 damage.
R Critical Strike: When damaging the target, this attack deals +1
damage for each R in the final duel total.

That is the only attack on the card. They get to make a (1) charge if there is a scheme marker, but I don't see a 1" push anywhere.

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Without the exact ability in front of me, and a reread of the timing rules, I would initially assume that it was to prevent a model escaping via a defensive trigger. You attack Collodi, who auto triggers a push out of combat, and then your dog follows him.


That would be my initial thoughts on why the old ability might have done that... moot point now though.

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