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Malifools Day III tournament, Zagreb, Croatia, 29.march 2014

Demonn Agram

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UMS "Agram" invites you to our third annual Malifool's Day Tournament!



- M2E

- 80SS pool, fixed faction

- 40SS crews

Generalship - TP - (0-9pts):

win - 3 pts

draw - 1 pts

defeat - 0 pts

tiebreaker is the number of VP.

Painting (0-9pts):

bases - 1pt (flock), 2pts (detailed)

painting - 3pt (3 colours), 4pts (drybrush), 5pts (shading, layering etc..)

overall (all figures painted by the player!) - 1pt (neat and precise, wysiwyg), 2pts (extra details and/or conversions)

SPECIAL RULE (valid in all three rounds):

THE RIFT IS ALL AROUND US - models that use their walk action can leave the board and enter on the opposite side (kind of like in the '80s video games). The models DO NOT have LOS through the rift, they can not charge or attack models on the opposite side of the rift (ie the opposite side of the board) in any way (even if they have the abbility that normally allows them to). Models can not be pushed or lured through the rift. They can only move through it using a normal walk action. Furthermore, they must be able to move through the rift and their whole base must be able to go through it in one Action (AP). If it can not, the model stops at the edge of the board and does not go through.


For more info, contact me via PM or visit our online forum: (my nick there is Demonn Ournebb'es Athor)

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