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Breachside Brawl 2 - 18th May 2014 - Sheffield


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Hey hey,

I'd like to annouce the latest malifaux tournament at the Outpost in Sheffield.

Held on Sunday 18th May 2014.

This will be a 45ss 3 game tournament with fixed strategies:

Turf War (Flank deployment)
Reconnoiter (Corner deployment)
Reckoning (Standard deployment)

2 hour games, so should have plenty of time for everyone to complete their games.

This will be a Book/Wave 1 and 2 tournament - only rules/models in the book/arsenal decks and in the official PDF released can be used - no wave 3 beta stuff, so no Avatars.

The Outpost
30 Furnival Gate,
S1 4QP

Rulespack can be found here:



With it being a Sunday you should be able to park on the street for a couple of quid (please check the parking meters just to be sure) otherwise, there is a multistory car park just behind the venue.

Furnival Gate
Multi storey car park
Matilda Way, Sheffield, S1 4QJ
http://www.ncp.co.uk....=Furnival Gate

Tickets are £17.50, include lunch and can be bought from the outpost webstore.

Hope to see you there :)

Sign Ups:
1. James Doxey
2. Maria Wieland
3. Will Lambert
4. Jakab Sennett
5. Jimmy Balderstone
6. Joel

7. John Wharton
8. Darren Longworth
9. Gregory Piskosz

10. Tim Richardson

11. Adam Hutchinson
Adam Hutchinson +1
13. Adam Hutchinson +1
14. Ben Harris

15. Matt Lawton

16. Chris Challacombe
17. Ben Halford

18. Rob West

19. Paul Butler

20. Rob Smith

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I'm not just saying this because i'm organising it, but the malifaux tournament scene is one of the friendliest and welcoming about - I wouldn't be worried about this being your first tournament - anyone you play will be helpful and noob-friendly :)


If you want I'll even make sure you're not drawn against Ant first round ;) ;)

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I second Jimmy - ever since I first joined the scene, its been welcoming and friendly and helpful, and everyone tries their best to keep making that happen for new players.


come along - you'll have a great time for sure!

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As Jimmy and Joel have said great friendly scene at a great venue. You will have a blast and get to enjoy Malifaux in a much broader way. Jimmy is fun organiser and you will be made most welcome.

If you want I'll even make sure you're not drawn against Ant first round ;) ;)

Dors that cover all us new players?

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