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Any game stories to share?


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Last session, our characters were sent into the Quarantine Zone under the command of a Death Marshal to scout out the location for a new zeppelin tower link. We encountered a lot of undead.


My December Cultist (a bit of a loner) went off on her own and got ambushed by a bunch of Guild Autopsies, while the rest of the party were attacked by a pack of Canine Remains and a Hanged. The Hanged spent several turns trying to Whisper at our burly Three Kingdoms slugger, but just couldn't get through to him - we figured its soul-crushing message from beyond the grave was somewhat lost in translation. He gave it an apologetic "No... English" and beat it into mist with his brass knuckles.


The Death Marshal came to find my wayward Cultist as she was finishing off the last of the Autopsies, and put a bullet through the head of a Belle who was lurking on the sidelines trying to Lure my Cultist (she was having none of it). Sadly for him, killing the Belle unleashed Bete Noire, who slashed him to ribbons and stabbed him through the neck.


After a pretty epic fight between my Cultist and Bete Noire (during which she vanished and came back for more), Bete ended up encased in a block of ice (Paralysed, and therefore unable to bury herself). I'm sure she'll thaw out eventually and be back for revenge.


All in all, we had a pretty good day - we killed a bunch of undead, got to our destination, threw off the shackles of our oppressor and my character got a spiffy new Death Marshal hat.

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