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Battle report! How the Dremer became first mayor of Milanfaux!

oogie boogie

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Last Sunday was held on the first Malifaux tournament in Italy, in Milan!

We were 12 players from different cities and we fought over the title of "Mayor of Milanfaux"! 

The format was: 40ss, fixed list.

I brought:


The Dreamer  [cache 2]+ 4ss

 *Dreams of pain 5ss


Widow weaver 8ss

x2 daydreams (2+2) 4ss

Coppelius 8ss

Teddy 11ss


My list was focused on solid pieces and  the Dreamer's summoning ability.


First game: The Dreamer Vs Sonnia Creed


He brought:


Sonnia with some upgrades (The one that  create wall of flame, the one that grant her to summon witchling stalkers and the other that grant me burning eternally), Hopkins with the "Burning +4" upgrade, an executioner, two witcling stalkers and the purifing flame totem.

Strategy was Turf War;  as scheme I choose Breaktrough and  A line in the sand; my opponent choose the same and we reveal them both.

The table was very rough, with a flank totally indoor and composed by sewer (severe terrain), while the other flank  was open ground with some walls and cover. I use Coppelius for manouvre on the "plan" flank, while with the rest of my force I try to occupy the sewer via many push (day dreams) and some high-mobility pieces like insidious madness. During an apocalypse of distruction, Teddy kills the executioner and two witchling stalkers, while on the other flank Sonnia & Hopkins kills anything I ran to them. Strategy proceed and both of us score points on Turf War, but for my opponent Breaktrough was compromised. On turn 5 he has Sonnia & Hopkins in the central square, but I hold the field and Lord Chompy, Coppelius and a madness engaging his duo. The game was over, so we counts the points. 10-5 for me. Good game. Sonnia &hopkins are not so resilient, but one round them is very difficult and their resposte can kill easily anything.



Game 2: The Dreamer Vs Misaki (10T)


He brought:


Misaki with smoke bombs and disguised, Ototo with thunder, one torakage, one oiran, samurai and takanaka sniper.

Strategy: Stake a Claim; both of us choose and reveals: Breaktrough and Protect Territory.

The field was a western village, with many buildings and barricade. My only preoccupation was to keep the Dreamer out of Misaki's reach. On turn one we advance in cover and I try to outflank enemy forces with Coppelius. On turn two, thanks to previous evocation I keep Teddy and Dreamer as my last activations, so Teddy via flurry kills takanaka sniper and the Dreamer evoke a stitched togheter. The stitched gamble with Misaki and deals her 7 damage...wow! On third turn we realize I have too many pieces, so in a desperate last charge, the 10T try to clean up my nightmarish horde, but in response, nightmare of various nature smash the unfortunate opposers...on turn 4 there are no 10T on the field...10-0 for me.



Game 3: The Dreamer Vs Seamus


He brought:


Seamus with sinister reputation, his many hats, and the upgrade hallows him to vanish via back alley at price of one corpse marker, Madame Sybelle with her "extra movement on lure", 3 belles, the copycat and a flesh golem.

Strategy: Reconnetour; I choose and reveal Protect Territory, while I didn't reveal Plant Evidence. My opponent choose Make them Suffer and Plant Evidence (both no revealed).

I Played on the table of first game (sewer). On turn one, via back alley and a double shot form copycat I lost Coppelius, but with a 12 of mask he came back immediatley! Yeah!


The game was difficult, because with his irresistible lure (Ca 8 ???) he can pull me in the centre of the table and make my models not valid for the principal strategy. Luckily for me, summoned models save the day, and I start to do points on second turn. We played at "cat & Mouse", because If I catch him, I smash his crew, but with his high mobility it isn't simple for me to reach his belles...

Anyway, that situation give me the control on one flank of the field, so I can take my schemes. On turn 5 the game was 10-2, but with a 11 the game proceed on turn 6 and end in a 10-4 for me.




At the end of the day, with 3 games achieved, 30 points and a delta of 21, I Became the new Mayor of Milanfaux!


Thanks to Rubbe for the beautiful tables and organization! You are a very good Henchman my friend!

Also thanks to all partecipants for a day of good game and great time!


See you soon, bye!!!


P.s. I'm sorry for my english....^^

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