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New to Nicodem


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Im starting a tale of malifaux gamers story in my LGC soon and Ive picked up Nicodem.


Always loved the model and backstory but never played him, or any other summoner (Dont think Yan Lo counts)


Ive thrown together a list to start with and wanted to get some advise:


Nurse (5)ss


Chiaki (6)ss


Sebastian (7)ss

 - Destroy evidence (1)ss (not sure if thats the right name but the one that summons Canine Remains)


 Mortimer (9)ss

 - My favourtie shovel (2)ss


Toshimo (9)ss

 - Corpse Bloat (2)ss

 - Eternal Servitude (1)ss


Nicodem (3) Cache

 - Necrotic King (2)ss

 - Reaper Grin (1)ss

 - Shadow Embrase (1)ss (i think)


The ideas are to have summoning coming from three sources, get a dog out so in theory if i needed/ had the right cards to dig up 3 corpse counters a turn. Nurse can heal, give armour ect and Chiaki can remove nastys like paralyse and Neg flips. (Im assuming i can remove downers without lossing armour as in the Nurse trigger they are two Conditions).


With the Shadow Embrase upgrade giving friendly models heals instead of damage from poision, Mortimers fling flith (+3 poison) and Sebastians ability to make you take poision on activiation would give you a walking regen distribution line as long as you are within the 6" Nicodem bubble, with the bonus of end of turn healing as well.


These are just some ideas ive thrown together and any comments would be much appriciated.


Also to start with ive bought : Canine Remains, Hanged, Plastic Nicodem and Mcmourning Starteds, Belles and Necropunks. Any advise for next purchases?

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With a crew like the above you may find summoning to be incredibly resource intensive. Most of them require fairly high Crows to get the spell off. You'd probably be better off not taking Sebastian and his upgrade and just hiring 2 Canine Remains. Then your other models can focus on summoning more useful minions such as Punk Zombies, Ashigaru, Necropunks, Belles etc. This is just theory though, I'd be interested in seeing how you get on with a list like this. 

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I think you need to look at the casting costs of some of these abilities. Yes, you do have a lot of summoning potential but the chances of you taking advantage of that potential it low. Found a Bone requires at least an 8. Man's Best Friend (the Sebastion dog summoning) needs a 6 + suit. Nicodem's summoning depends on what you're trying to bring out. You're going to be relying on cheating a lot of those unless you get really lucky with the flips. I'd second what Masterdisaster said and drop Sebastion and grab 2 Canine Remains to start. 

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