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To burning head or to not burning head


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So, It's time to put the Guild Marshall's together and therefore decision time on the heads.


I'm leaning away from the flaming skulls to make them a little less 'magically' and therefore adhering more to the very, very loose rules regarding magic within the Guild...


What have other people done?



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Thanks for the input all.


Although I can see the advantages of magnetising I don't have the inclination or probably the skill to do it so I think I'll do the mixed or styles as well. That hadn't even occurred to me.


It's unlikely I'll ever field all 3 of upgraded or un-upgraded Marshall's (famous last words).

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Impressive collection Red.


Ok sounds like there are plenty of people with experience with putting these together.




What tricks did people use to actually keep these guys glued to their damn coffins, the connection points are so small.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance



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I just put mine together, all flaming skulls! So wicked looking it wasn't even a question for me. As for gluing the coffins with the marshals, I had to pin the one that's jumping off/over it with his one foot attached. The others worked out Ok.

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