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Trying my luck with iMovie

Raziel Pawel

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So I got a new iPhone and I was prompted to download a bundle of program's, one of witch is a video editor called iMovie. I've tried it and think its awesome. I am thinking about keeping the old iphone 4 and use both as cameras, one on a tripod one free.

I've made a sample how would this look, took me minimum of time and effort, and am happy with the results, of course in place of still pictures here there would be movies from a 2nd camera on a tripod.

(Yeah I am rolling dice in malifaux ;)

Any suggestions, advice?


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I haven't got a tripod yet, so it would be shaky. I was thinking of a top down view, but that would limit acces to the phone and would require a boom arm, maybe a remote shutter release would solve this problem, but then I would have to choose either to shoot video or stills and some effects work better with pictures.

Another issue is background music, iMovie can use only iTunes, so even if I had a royalty free mp3 it's of no use, dunno how to deal with that yet.

Damn what have I got myself into?

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Well stills are probably easier equipment wise, with either text pieces or voice over.

In other systems tripod film going fast forward and then having a turn summary before the next turn, this is not as good with mlifaux being more action/reaction based so commentary needs to be underways imo.

Anyhoo, god initative no matter what you settle on :)

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