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Lynch With Guild Pathfinders?


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Anyone have any experience with this one? I'm just starting up Malifaux and I don't have a lot of money to lay down on models so I wanted to pick some better brains before shelling out, but it looks to me like the Pathfinders would synergize pretty solidly with his typical cohorts. They can lay down decent blast damage at range, and the area control from those clockwork traps could get a little nasty when coupled with the repositioning tricks the Beckoners or Graves bring to the table. On top of it all, I'm given to understand that Lynch's crew is pretty adept at dropping bodies, which means that Scavenge Supplies would be providing regular card cycling to Jakob's already impressive hand control abilities.


Fluff-wise, it feels kind of weird, but the Ten Thunders are going to tap every asset the mission calls for, no? Apart from that, the only downside my (admittedly, completely untrained) eyes can see is that they'd take up soulstones ordinarily spent on Brilliance dispensers, but there's still plenty of room for some of the usual suspects, and if you're not doing a Bril-focused crew the sky's the limit.


What do you think, sirs? (And madams?)

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Why would it be wrong fluff-wise?

Imagine a band of pathfinders having a drink at their favourite saloon, playing cards, taking in brilliance and oogling beckoners or Mr Graves. Then Lynch make them an offer, says he need some dependable souls for a mission and he have heard about their skills. All paid in brilliance, or booze, or...

How good they will be in such a crew is up to how you play them to their strengths I guess.

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Agreed on lack of synergy, but they can go a ways to shore up any 10T list in some strategies, Squatters Rights, for example. They're a relatively high utility model, and can fit into a lot of good lists. If I was just getting started with Lynch, though, I'd focus on his box, Beckoners, and Depleted, with Depleted being optional. Lynch +upgrades (often Woke Up with a Hand, Expert Cheater, and Rising Sun), Huggy +Addict, 3 Illuminated, 2 Beckoners, additional minions (Stitched Together or Depleted work very well) to taste tends to be my list.

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