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Dreamer crew.

The Godlyness

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So i was brain storming just a random crew and this just seems solid for so many schemes and strats


Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap

The Dreamer -- 5 Pool
 +Restless Dreams [1]
 +Tantrum [2]

Coppelius [8]
Nekima [13]
 +Fears Given Form [1]
 +Pact [1]
Teddy [11]
 +On Dreaming Wings [2]
Widow Weaver [8]


seems short on models well first activation you summon 3 daydreams who then burn though activations pushing things around. and teddy near widow with Wings make him a fast flying huggable bear of doom. nekima is there to make there stare at her also forces terror when she kills


turn 2 use day dream push something sac, go to dreamer 0 action walk summon day dream and an alp chompy comes out. burn more activations and hopefully kill flip stand where you need to Strats.


Oh and most everything is terrifying so -wp from daydreams and web markers. yeah.



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I personally think all your eggs are in one basket. I started out playing the dreamer with teddy and they target him heavily. I find that playing with more averaged priced ss models gives the opponent more options to target and the crew survives longer. That said if you get up into the enemies face quick enough I rate they will take a beating. I guess you will never know till you actually play the list.  

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Yes lets hope although when teddy dies then they target nekima. Or they smart and target nekima first then teddy in defence 3. Or hide till they come to you I played pedita the other day and I lost coppelius with on dreaming wings with 2 hits that damn relocate and witched bullets owned me so badly. 

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