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Advice for Pandora vs. Last Blossom Ten Thunders


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So there, I was... across this COOL desert/wild-western "Deadwood" ghost town table at my FLGS, playing a 35ss game with Pandora, a Poltergeist, Baby Kade, Teddy, and Candy. THe whistling theme to "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" wavered on the wind as tumbleweeds rolled by, kicking up a few thin clouds of dust... And then besides the Poltergeist dropping a scheme marker for a VP on "Breakthrough" (I think it was), I got absolutely whipped.


Seems that NONE of my Horror Duels were being failed, and though Kade certainly ripped through a Torakage with minimal damage in return, not many other fared well. Candy was dropped like a sack of potatoes by a Torakage, and Teddy was double-teamed by Ototo (who was getting a good beat-down on Teddy) and Shang (who shredded the Tedmeister).


How do I synergize my crew a bit better? I know now that using Depression with Baby Kade can be a turbocharge for his damage output, and that would have certainly helped! It just seems like my Auras for things to happen, and my timing to get Incite or Nobody Likes Me into play are terrible. But that's more my lack of tactical sense, really, than the composition of my crew. It just seems like he was getting a helluva lot more damage out of his crew than I was out of mine.


Any thoughts?

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If you're looking for more of an advantage on Horror duels and WP duels in general, take a look at Widow Weaver. Her Web markers may not seem like much, but by turn 3 they can really add up. She's a point cheaper than Candy and is a henchman, too. I'm not saying she's better than Candy, because I don't think she is. But she is Terrifying all 11 and can help as a de-buff bot.

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