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Malifaux Demo/Play Night- Paint Contest Judging - 3/27 @ Game Nite [STL, MO]


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What:  Malifaux Play and Demo night & paint contest judging
Place:  Game Nite
Event:  Play M2E, or get a demo if you're curious
When: Thursday March 27th, ~5:00pm-10:00pm
Open M2E play as always, and I will be giving demos to anyone interested.  Come join the fun!
Painting Contest!
To encourage some of us with new models or crews to bring them to life, we’re in the middle of a painting competition!
Entry Fee:  FREE
That’s right, it’s free.  This one is on me!  So here’s how it works:  
--Show up on Thursday, March 13th, and let me know you’d like to participate. - DONE (if you are still interested in participating, PM me)  
--State which model you are going to paint; it must be a fresh model (primed is fine).  You will have 2 weeks to work.
--Return on March 27th and the group will judge all entries and vote.
Depending on participation, there may be a few winners.
Prizes:  Single model clamshells, game aids, and whatever else I can devise.
Hope to see you Thursday!
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