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Lynch Rage


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I am at a loss.

I have to face Lynch often in my local group and am tired of contending with him.

What can you do against a resummonable Henchman? 4/5/7 damage? Which is most always at a positive twist?!

It is some scary damage output on an incredibly survivable model.

Lynch can output equally scary damage provided he activates last.

I've seen Huggy (alone) tie up Levi and Rusty Alyce by himself.

Now none of these alone would warrant much aggravation, except this was against non-optimized Lynch crews!


There are some nice tacticas finally going up on the forums and Pullmyfinger.

But we are not at the point where the opposite is true about how to play against said crews.

What do people do to avoid the awful?

Is it condition removal?

Aiming for Lynch? (glass cannon?)

Casting/high damage? (take out Huggy? keep him down?)


It has become really demoralizing to see Huggy dominate the scene only to have him die and Lynch mop up to bring Huggy back out.

What is the best response?

Help an Outcast/Gremlin master out.

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Take Ophelia with her kin. I just played with Lynch against Ophelia and I stood zero chance in that game. I had the majority of my crew shot down. Dumb luck is insane.

Sheer damage potential?

I can get behind that.

I've seen Franc one shot a Strongarm Suit...yeah it was Red Joker damage flip...but still.

Ophelia left such a bad taste in the mouth of my local group that she was deemed a NPE for a long time.

It may be time to dust off my models though if what you say is true.

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Sue is a bit of a monster vs Huggy, his totem killing The Man Comes Around trigger and the [-] Ca Aura from The Man In Black are useful.


Huggy and Lynch tend to output big chunks of damage so horde is useful here, as they'll struggle more vs multiple targets.


Charging a cheap minion into Huggy effectively locks him up for a turn while he deals with it then moves (at Df disengaging is a problem). By feeding huggy a cheap minion a turn from turns two to four you can effectively negate him, or force him to really work to do anything.

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I play Rasputina against him pretty often.  Nothing gives it to Huggy quite like high damage casting.  If he's running Endless Huggy though make sure that you spend your effort killing Lynch before Huggy.  In order to resummon Lynch will need to be kind of nearby.

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Df 3 on Huggy makes most the shots hit, even if they came at half damage from Ophelia and Co. That was more than enough to bring it down twice and render it utterly useless the whole game. I don't think there was any Red Joker Damage but Tannen got oneshotted from 2 wounds, Illuminated oneshotted, Beckoner oneshotted. I think it was two shots and Graves went from 9 to 3 wounds. Lynch got shotdown. 


Just take Ophelia and if the other guy survives, ask him to drop me a line and tell me how he did it :D

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Shoot, you should try Wong. He's got high damage CA, you can bring McTavish with glowey, then you can do all those things at once. Let wong light him up, engage him with cheaper models, potentially swamp fiends, then have McTavish fire into melee.


Or you could try a Tara crew with a Nothing Beast, that's a high damage CA melee. And you can try to bury lynch after killing huggy to give you a bigger window of a "Huggy Free Zone".


Food for thought.



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Since you mentioned Gremlins, Wong and McTavish are a great counter but the real meat is in the Lightning Bugs that will deal full damage to Huggy because they Ca rather than Sh. Also Bugs ignore Armor and can give out Slow as well. If using McTavish I recommend Gators or Wild Boars to advance deploy into the enemy then using Magical McTavish to shoot into the engagement. No randomization, no cover and a trigger to up the duel total for all Swampfiends within 6" and LoS makes for a very dead model that they can be engaged with. If using Gators you can double focus and try to eat huggy with a high crow.

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Thank you a whole bushel of...whatever they grow in Malifaux (seriously what do people eat?)

Some of these ideas are really fun.

I own a bunch of the merc models, but rarely take them for fluff or preference reasons.

I forget how useful they are in specific situations.


The ones that currently jump out are Sue for the reasons listed above and Bishop.

(2) action paralyze versus defense can tie up Huggy for a while.

Discarding a book for his activation means he can cut through Huggy's Incorporeal and Flurry


Wong/McTavish also sounds well and truly awful.

I like it!

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