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Good afternoon all,


My name is Juniormonk and I'm brand spanking new to Malifaux.  I'm rolling with Ramos and the Arcanists.  After finding Psycosm's thread online I took a stab at making my own custom environment. I humbly present to you, Steampunk Sewers!


I've only played half Malifaux twice but think I'm hooked.  To be honest I could just paint and sculpt all day without playing and be completely satisfied.  


Thanks for checking out my thread.  Please let me know what you think!




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I will say this, it's a really REALLY nice start, but it's very open which will scew how the game plays. Not a huge issue, all  you need is some scatter to go on top (seperate pieces which you can change every game to give a bit of replayability), which is a cool project. You could make a pumping station, some selection of junk, Some Verticle pipes with smaller pipes running between them.


I would also suggest making some bridges to span the chasm as climbing down an back up again could slow down the game a lot

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Very valid points, Rodent. And I also agree with the previous posts that the table is FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!! How cool would it be to play on THAT??? That's totally cool!! WELL done, Monk!! Very well done!


If you really want, you can sculpt tables for me all day long... Can we try a dilapidated and horror-fied orphanage this time...?  ;)

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The amount of work you must have put into making it it impressive and the effect looks awesome. If I may suggest one thing - try mixing GW's Nurgle Rot with water effect or applying it over it. This paint adds a nice foul look to the water. 

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Sorry for the thread necromancy, but I had to compliment this marvel.

I love the atmosphere of it. It looks like Arcanist underground cache or a secret tunnel they use to smuggle soulstones.
Water is a bit too clear for sewers, but it still looks cool (maybe the Arcanists have cleaned a part of the sewer and installed something to clean water going through it - highly probable, but it might be magical).

Also agree with Ratty (if that's him - not sure).

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