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Kirai list build under m2e?


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Taking Lost love, Datsue ba, two Onryo, two Gaki and Jaakuna Ubume comes to 36 stones, plus four for the cache is 40. Then you've got ten stones left to spend on upgrades and other models, a shikome, maybe Izamu or some night terrors. That will get you to 50ss easily. You could even drop the cheaper spirits to fit in more upgrades or larger models, then summon the cheaper ones during the game.

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i would like at least one large enforcer in the mix if possible. datsue and onryo are already in the box, just needing something to add to them. izamu and jaakuna certainly look the job, shikome just doesnt do the look . as for night terrors, basically vampire bats, umm not really , and sorry lost love doesnt really do it for me. it may grow on me yet.

thanks for your advice, at least i hame a few ideas now.

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Actually the Shikome are part of actual Japanese mythology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shikome


Toshiro is another option and gives you a secondary summoner.


Yin (based on the Malaysian vampire) is another option you have: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pennangalan.


There are also Ashigaru.


Lost Love was the govenors son, so it makes sense that he would not have the Asian aethetics.

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Kirai, lost love, Datsue ba, onryo, gaki, jaakuna ubume are all still metal only, so they'd be in the 1st edition section.

Izamu, toshiro, yin and ashigaru are plastic, but they have only just come out of beta so the models won't have 2nd edition cards yet either - they may well also be in the 1st edition part of the store. All of them but the ashigaru may be in the ten thunders section as they are dual faction.

Alternatively, if for whatever reason they're not in the 1st edition part of the store, you could use your local store (or 'net retailer) to pick them up if they still have stock of them.

The kirai box plastics aren't on the list for release in the next couple of months, so it's your call as to whether you go metal, wait for plastic, proxy for now, or try a different crew for a while if one takes your fancy.

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Hey guys!

I've been playing tons of games with Karai these last few months and have had some mixed results.

I use:

Sacrificial manifestation.

Datsun - ba

Lost love

2 x Hanged

1 x Gaki




Bloody shears

Avatar of vengeance

(Datsu - Ba)

Spirit whispers

Spirit beacon

I sacrifice the Gaki first turn, get the Revenant, try summon a Seishin and an Onryo. Then I use Bloody Shears to accomplice Datsun - Ba and try summon a Seishin with her.

The Hanged work well with Onryo and Datsu - Ba. I just feel I need more tank, Lost love can heal well enough but it's pointless tying to heal multiple small spirits all the time. Shikome are great for schemes so can't really be around for all the fighting. Otherwise I tend to stick in a bubble who's range is around 8 - 12 inches.

As a summoner it's also tough too find the middle ground, which cards to keep and which to use for summoning. Sometimes drawing a hand with nothing over 6 throws a huge spanner in the works.


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Spooky Hag. Well, there are some interesting things in your list. Firstly, Unforgiven and Bloody Shears are Limited upgrades, so you can only have one attached at a time. Secondly, and maybe this is difference in playstyles, you lack numbers, I tend to outactivate my opponent any time possible, so I run some Night Terrors any Gaki. As you have said, Shikome are great, but I found them to be too valuable in combat, that I commit them to "lesser" roles only when necessary. For scheme running I like Gaki with there high defense that deters some shooting...

I like taking some bruiser with Kirai - Izamu (preferably) or Toshiro instead of Hanged as they can be summoned with a soul stone and a 13.

While I quite like Kirais avatar, I think that her unmanifested ability = Unstinctual seems perfect for her and I would hesitate to manifest her so early, maybe in third or fourth turn?

Bad draws happen and there is little you can do about it, only thing that might mitigate that is having a helthy soul stone pool to start, then you can spend one to add positive flips and second on right suit. I sometimes find this investment a necessary evil that can save my plans.

I have been playing Kirai to some good results and had fun, but despite being less complex to play than in last edition, she is still quite difficult to master... More than anything she is really about careful positioning when summonig every spirit including seishin.

The positive thing is, she can accomplish many roles and her crew can be tweaked to many styles, so find the one that suits you and tear the souls of your enemies apart. :)

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My upgrades are something i battle with. I don't even worry about the instinctual as there few upgrades I would take that give her a second ap. However becoming incorporeal really helps make her tougher. Bloody shears givers her a 5 inch charge. Ikiryo is great but she can be hard to keep around under a determined attack. Bête noire also has a place but only against loads of living or undead.

I used a lot of smaller spirits but feel that the new summoning mechanism does to much damage to them and trying to wait for a 13 is also is a dangerous game to play plus you can only get one seishin out before Karai summons, unless you activate Datsu ba first.I rather start with the most expensive models on the table and try summon the moderate spirits like onryo. Most of the time my games are against the dreamer so anything that messes with my already low Wp messes with my ability to play. Other games are against Marcus, forget about using beasts (shikome) and you need to stand against really tough beasts.

I'm going to be adding izamo, ubume and some drowned, they should give me some more options.

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