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Shenlong advice


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I'm looking for a new Master that isn't a Resurrectionist and plays somewhat differently from both McMourning and Nicodem. Shenlong caught my eye but sadly there's not much in the way of tips, tricks and advice for him. I'd prefer to get a better grasp of his rules and play style before putting him down on the table.

I was wondering what upgrades people take and what models work best with him? Also how do you use him? Does he have any tricks I should be aware of that help/augment his in game performance?

I was looking at running the following list when I get chance, although I'll also have Archers, TT Brothers or Torakage to swap in if necessary.

Shenlong 7SS cache

-Words of the River

-High River Style


Sensei Yu

-Promising Disciple

-Low River Style

2 Peasants

2 Monks of the High River

Fermented River Monk

Monk of the Low River

The Lone Swordsmen

-Recalled Training

The idea for turn 1 is to see Shenlong gain at least Focus 4 and Burning 2 from his (0) actions and the Peasants to make sure he hits hard once he gets into combat with a large stockpile of Focus for him to use.

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I have run Shenelong a couple of times, and with success at that. Althought I ran my list minimalistically to sqeeze out a few more models. What I ran was:



-Low River Style


Sensei Yu

-Promising Desciple


The Lone Swordsman

-Recalled Training


2x Monks of the High River

2x Anatsu Sha

1x Peasant


On the first turn, I used that bonus 0 of Shenlongs to switch to High River and pass on Low River to Yu.

On the second turn, I used that bonus 0 to trigger Witness a Miracle to get out the 2nd peasant.

The two above saved me 4 SS in list contruction.


Also the Anatsu Sha love Shenlong.


After my couple games with him, some of the players at my store have dubbed the combination of: The Lone Swordsman + Recalled Training + (0) Action Focus from Shenlong + You Shall Not See Another Sunrise, the Nuclear Option.

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You can hire 2 Peasants its on their card.


As Averageboss said, try to be economical with your upgrades, as with Sensei Yu and Shenlong they are designed to trade/free equip upgrades.


I also wouldnt bother buffing Shenlong too much with focus as well.. it all dissapears when you use it on an attack...


Kanataka Snipers are very very good, espeically with a Peasant, or simply standing near Shenlong.. or both... seriously look at the cards and try to STOP seeing synergy.


Don't be afraid of none-theme models for example Mr graves, who is a great mobile beater in any rew who can hire him.


Speaking of beats, imagine Isamu the Armour... with focus, yeah, he aint mobile but oh look.. you have CRAPTONNE of pushes...


Shenlong is just stunning synergy-wise, stunning.


Also don;t think yourself restricted to Peasants, Kamaitachi is great for Shenlong, it's a hard choice.

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Yeah they have an ability called 'Laborers' that lets you hire up to two of them.

Hmmm the upgrade switch thing does seem pretty useful. Do you not find losing the 2 (0) actions to be an issue when it comes to building up focus and other conditions?

The 4SS could be pretty useful although I'd probably look to another Low Monk for objectives/tying models up (I prefer to run more themed models when possible).

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