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Last Blossom crew


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I've been thinking about doing a last blossom crew mainly as a painting project but I would like it to be at least semi competitive.

So the models I have so far

Misaki box set


Orian box

archer box

Lone swordsmen


Any recommendations on what figures I should add keeping in mind I'm going for a strong Japanese Look And feel

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For starters, Yamaziko is by FAR the last model you put into this crew if you want any ammount of competitiveness. Other Henchmen blow her out of the water. Fuhatsu and Sidir Alchibal make great Henchmen for Misaki if you don't like Ototo or want some ranged firepower however they lack the Japanese feel. Kang could work, he's very much the stereotypical Japanese Rail Worker. 


As for other models that fit in with the Asian/Japanese theme you have the Katanaka Snipers (Previously Ansatsu Sha and Last Blossom) as well as the Ten Thunders Brothers (Also previously Last Blossom). Unfortunately Misaki lost every Last Blossom model from Wave 2 by the end of the Beta but from a fluff aspect she used to hang out a lot with the Brothers, especially when Outcasts and the Katanaka Snipers are basically Torakage Snipers, at least that was the impression I got when they were first introduced. Their stat line is almost the same and they carry Katana like the Samurai, they also come packing the Clockwork Rifle which is the same as the FK Trappers. Can't go far from with them!

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I have played a lot of Misaki in M2E as both 10T and Outcasts. In my opinion, you should absolutely drop the Orian. They are just bad. I have tried them numerous times, and they seriously fail to impress. They need a suit for Lure, and it's not like their melee is amazing. I think you're better off spending the points almost anywhere else.


I would also say that the 10T Archers and the Samurai are both inefficient models for their cost. You can play them and they can work, but they are below the curve. THAT SAID, there are some upgrade currently being tested that improve both of these models. As such, I wouldn't recommend against them. I'd just make sure you recognize that the upgrades will be necessary to up competitiveness.


Yamaziko is a fine model. I think she sits in a fine place. I would speculate she's a little below other models you can get for her cost, but she's got some nice moves. I almost always leave her at home, but if you're going for a Last Blossom theme, then she's fine to bring. She certainly isn't bad.


The Lone Swordsman is a great model, especially with Recalled Training. You really need to figure out how to use him, but he's just an exceptional model.


Torakage are awesome models. They are stat bricks of 6, which is great. They can hit really hard. The biggest issue is knowing how to get the most out of them, but that's because they have so much they can give. I don't like to run more than 2, but I do like to run 2.


Ototo is an absolute boss. You throw him into the opponent, and you'll be happy. As long as you can avoid Wp shenanigans, you are generally pretty set. I tend to use my stones on him and not Misaki.


Misaki herself is good, but don't let her fool you into thinking she's a melee master. She doesn't come close to stacking up to Justice or Lilith or Perdita, etc. Misaki is a mobile master who does damage while she's moving. I find Disguise is way more useful than Stalking Bisento for this very reason. Your goal is to jump around doing some damage and getting points. Use Ototo as your fighter.


Lastly, Shang is great. There are some criticisms out there of him, but the healing is stellar. It's not hard to get off, and heal flips can be cheated. That coupled with Rush of Magic puts him in a fine place. He basically always kills himself, but he keeps Misaki in the action quite easily.


Hope that helps!

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Stalking is Really Really good. +attack and +damage is really good as is 4 attacks. 2/4/6 does its work. but some times i like using thunder. blasts are fun when you have +s. if i dont want to be charged i will just charge them first. wish out cast misaki could take misdirection but meh, survivalist is good.

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I run



-Stalking Bisento



Ototo (with his upgrade) or Ama No Zako

-Smoke and Shadows

10T Archer





It's been pretty effective at both kill-y schemes and at dropping scheme markers off.


Misaki is a boss.  She picks a model, then she kills it.  Then she picks another model.  Using the oiran to either pull that model in or drawing other models away.  Misaki, especially with misdirection, is so fun.


Yamaziko isn't the most amazing figure, she isn't sturdy and she's not going to murder anyone in just one hit.  That being said, she is grate against clusters, she's great at slowing your opponents down (if they're melee heavy by preventing their charge).  She's also got a weak damage of 3... that's nifty.


Ototo hasn't done much for me, but that's probably because my opponents dump an unnecessarily large amount of ranged attacks into him... that being said, I guess that prevents them from shooting the other models.


Archers are great models, that being said, I often don't get to use them as they can be outshot by guild models and they can't do much if they're tied down.


Torakage are so good.  They can dump out 3 dmg with their shuriken or they can scurry across the board and drop a butt-ton of markers and then tie down the enemies models so they can't pick 'em up.


Oiran have utterly destroyed things in some games and other games they don't do a thing.  That pretty much sums them up, they're hit or miss.


I haven't perfected my crew yet.  That being said, I have a lot of fun with it. 

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I would add Sensei Yu and some Ten Thunder brothers for movement shenanigins, flexibility and utility. As you are already using Bushido figures (which is a great game in itself btw!) they have got some great proxies for Wave 2. This list would be my personal preference, but of course most of them can be used for anything monk-like in TT:-


Sensei Yu (Yumi from the Temple starter set) :- http://www.bushido-thegame.com/catalog/temple-ro-kan-starter

TT Brothers :- http://www.bushido-thegame.com/catalog/suchiro + Kenko from the starter set + Riku without the water http://www.bushido-thegame.com/catalog/riku

Tengu :- http://www.bushido-thegame.com/catalog/sojobo

Monk of the High River :- http://www.bushido-thegame.com/catalog/hotaru-fire-fly


And controversially...;)

Shenlong :- http://www.bushido-thegame.com/catalog/master-po

The Lone Swordsman :- http://www.bushido-thegame.com/catalog/grey-pilgrim

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